• 4 months ago

    STI 12+ years after initial infection?

    A week or so ago I woke up in the middle of the night itching a spot on the underside of my penis. It looked like a little swollen area that eventually turned into more of a light color ulcer/scab that was a little red around it. It’s been about a week and the sore is shrinking and almost gone. I started googling pictures of various things and it did appear similar to a couple of pictures of Syphilis chancres but I can’t say exactly. But it didn’t look exactly like an ingrown hair either. Possibly a bug bite? I really just don’t know.

    I have been married to the same woman for almost 10 years and with her for almost 12. I have never cheated. Is it possible that an STI such as Syphilis has been dormant in my system since before we were together and just now showing up or am I worrying for no reason? I know she has not cheated so that’s not an issue either. We have children togehter and have had unprotected sex for years and they run all types of tests during pregnancy and she was negative in everything.

    I only had sex with one other girl before my wife and it was a one night stand but a condom was used. I have done other things with other women but no intercourse.

    Any thoughts? Is it possible to be 12+ years out and an STI show the first symptoms like a sore or chancre? The sore was the only symptom. No swollen lymph nodes, burning with urination, etc.

    I tend to be a nervous person anyway, should this be something I should be worried about or am I making a big deal out of nothing?



  • 4 months ago

    RE: STI 12+ years after initial infection?

    HI Well Nip into your local sexual health/GUM clinic and get tested, its the only way your ever find out what it is, doing this it will stop you stressing, there are some STD's that love to hide in deep tissue and pop out when the feel like it.

    Its the only way your stop your worrying.