• 4 months ago

    Herpes type 1 positive test?

    Im so confused about a positive Herpes type 1 test. I’m a 43 year man been married for 13 years. No cheating in relationship. I went to the doctor for what I thought might be a urinary tract infection. I shared with the doctor I’ve been very fatigued, feeling like I’ve had a cold or flu, and an occasional discomfort when I urinate (not pain or burn when I urinate but a little discomfort). The doctor asked me about the pimples on my face around my mouth. I always have breakouts of acne there I told him. Well we elect to do blood and urine work. I got the test back and it shows a positive for Herpes type 1. I’m so confused as to how, when, why I have Herpes 1. Could I have always had it and wrote it off as acne? I do recall having a cold sore when I was a teenager. I’m waiting for a follow up appointment with the doctor but I’m so confused about this!