• 5 months ago

    irritation/bumps/scar tissue(?) on scrotum

    I've never done this before and it feels weird, but this has been bugging me for a while (a few years at least), so I thought I would post.

    There is a specific spot on my scrotum where there appears to be a different texture (reminds me of scar tissue--though it often appears to be flaky/dry skin as well). On occasion it itches like crazy and it becomes red and inflamed. It might only look like this for a day or two, then goes back to how it was before (barely visible, maybe a little shiny like scar tissue, sometimes dry/flaky).

    I sometimes have what seems to be psoriasis on other parts of my body (all the joints, basically--elbows, knees, knuckles), and the itching seems the same. Could that be related? Or does it seem/look like something worse?

    Here are some bad pictures, if this is permitted: