• 5 months ago

    Anal bead stuck help!

    An anal bead is lodged in my rectum and possibly in my colon sigmoid. The string broke off unknowingly and when I pulled it out I saw that there was a bear missing. The bead is about 3/4 in diameter and is pretty smooth. I've tried pushing, coughing, and taking laxitives and it isn't coming out. Not sure if it's safe to wait for a regular bowel movement or not. I just need help or ideas on getting this out since I've been stressing about it for some hours and freaking out.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Anal bead stuck help!

    Hi OK its off to your local ER and they will remove it for you, but don't worry they have seen this all before, some guys even lose a vibrator up there, see so its not as silly as you think.

    Its your only way of getting it out or last thought would be a really good enema, your choice.

    But pick the ER, and ASAP