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    Am I Having Herpes Outbreaks?

    Hi community, thank you for your time.
    I have been having vaginal burning off and on for the last six months or so.
    The history...I went to my obgyn about a year ago and requested to be “tested for everything.” She took a blood sample, and when I came in for results two weeks later she said “everything is totally fine, the only thing that came back positive is the herpes.” Threw paperwork in my hands and left the room. Needless to say I have found a new dr since. I was completely shocked because I did not suspect anything and was just going for my yearly screening in an attempt to be sexually responsible. Upon further review of my test results, I saw that My igm was positive for hsv2 (1:80) and my igg was negative for both hsv 1 and 2 (0.09) I spoke to a friend who is an obgyn in another state and she told me this was a useless test and in the absence of an outbreak, it meant nothing. I did not think I had ever had an outbreak, but once I thought about it, I remembered having what I thought was a yeast infection about 2 days after a one night stand with a questionable guy. I had the usual itching and burning and one bump-like area. It was basically swollen and red with a tiny Whitehead in the center, no bigger than a pin head. To me it looked like an inflamed hair follicle. I have had similar bumps with a yeast infection before and so I figured that’s what it was. It didn’t hurt at all. I treated for a yeast infection and the bump and symptoms went away in about 3 days. I spoke to my dr about this and she said it didn’t sound like an outbreak. We had sex one time and used a condom. This was the only new partner I had had since my last full panel the previous year, which was negative for everything. Also, I had been with this guy only about a month before the blood test, so I guess it’s not likely that it would have shown up yet. However, I worry that this is why only the igm was positive, and this raised my concern. I went ahead and told my boyfriend all of this, and he decided he loved me and didn’t care if I had it or not :-) He decided he wanted to continue to have unprotected sex. I continud with no symptoms we recognized as herpes, but I did have some occasional burning and one time was felt like diaper rash on my butt. It was a hot humid summer in New York, so this didn’t seem too strange. Any time I felt something weird, my boyfriend would get down there with a flashlight and check it out. He always decided things looked fine and he still wanted to have sex. After a few months my boyfriend got a blood test for hsv2 which was negative. We figured this meant I was probably negative since we had been having lots of unprotected sex, even when I had what felt like similar yeast infections. (I have always been very prone to them.) However, I have now been having burning in my vaginal area off and on for several months. There is no odor or discharge associated with this burning, and it is generalized over my entire vagina. The burning is worse after I pee, not on my urethra, but on my labia. Twice I went to my dr for this, the first time I was diagnosed with a uti, which I thought was strange since I get them all the time and this didn’t feel like one. The second time (new dr) she said everything looked totally normal. Most recently, I started to feel the burning again and I got out the mirror and flashlight. I found two tiny little white bumps that looked like the regular kinda “chicken skin” bumps that we have all over our genital skin, just slightly raised. Again, the size of a pinhead. No redness this time. This was on a Saturday, and I told myself I would go to the dr Monday, finally get a swab, and have some diffinitive answers. Although I wasn’t sure there was really anything to break open and swab. But by Monday the tiny bumps were gone, although the burning persisted. Tuesday I got my period. The burning is very mild now, but worse after I pee, and it hurts a little to put tampons in and take them out, mostly at the opening of my vagina. The pain and burning is not localized to any “spots” but generalized over my entire vagina. I had this kind of pain inserting my tampons during my period once a couple months ago as well. It feels similar to when my vagina is very dry. Could I be suffering from vaginal dryness? Or could this general burning and sensitivity be herpes outbreaks? Could these tiny bumps that I have noticed that lasted 2 days be herpes? I have considered getting the blood test again, but my dr says it won’t really tell us anything. It would be great to know my status definitively, but my real concern is knowing if/when I’m having an outbreak so that I don’t pass it to my partner. Also, if these are simply mild outbreaks, I can stop going to the dr and getting tested for a million things every time i have this burning. I have not experienced any tingling, numbness or itching, or noticed anything that I perceived as a “blister” or “lesion.” I’m not sure if I am being over or under cautious. I am a 34 y/o female with a history of utis and yeast infections.


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    RE: Am I Having Herpes Outbreaks?

    Hi First ever heard of paragraphs, its makes it hard reading.

    OK I think you need to have a trip to your local sexual health/GUM clinic, and get some tests done there, reason STI's and STD's is there field of work, so its really the best place to be, and get some good advice.

    If your a shaved lady, if not get shaved YI's love a warm damp area, what vaginal hairs have, then daily after washing use some coconut oil around your vaginal area.

    UTI's are an odd one to keep getting, could be of your pubic hairs holding a virus, could be the way you wipe if you go back to front, could be what you eat if you like sweet things, consuming more garlic could help.

    But please try the clinic.