• Do i need a blood test?

    Last year, exactly this time i was at my girlfriends house. We didnt have sex but i rubbed my penis on her vagina and im sure that there were fluids coming from her. Throughout this year i noticed my urine to appear cloudy even though it didn't burn when i urinated. I went to an urologist and have taken several urine tests in different time periods. The two first times where infection so the doctor gave me antibiotics. Its been a year and recently i noticed my urine to be cloudy again so i went to doctor. Did a test again plus a sonography. He didn't give me antibiotics and suggested that i drink more water. Im just worried that maybe my urince getting cloudy/infection frequently has something to do with the skin to skin i had with that girl. I experience no symptoms of burning or unusual skin stuff on my penis. But im worried about the type of sti that doesn't have symptoms. Im 18 now and that girl was virgin when we did that. So do i need to take a blood test?


  • 14 days ago

    RE: Do i need a blood test?

    First off, cloudy urine can be caused by a myriad of things and the main one is dehydration (others include high-protein meals, taking vitamin C or vitamin Bs, orange juice, and so on). Do as your doctor suggests and up your water consumption to see if that helps.

    If you continue to obsess about your encounter then only a full STD screening will set your mind at rest.

    Are either of you a virgin?
      • Yes we both are virgin. I dont how to ask my parents about the std screening. I just keep worrying about having hiv or syphilis because they can only be diagnosed through blood test. I took a routine blood test about 3/4 months ago. But im not sure if the laboratory would look for signs of hiv or any other infection unless the doctor tells them to. Its been a year since that encounter happened and im still worried.
      • 14 days ago
        If both of you are virgins, I fail to see how you could have an STD. How and with whom do you think your girlfriend could possibly have contracted HIV?

        Honestly, you really should stop worrying.
  • 13 days ago

    RE: Do i need a blood test?

    You can't catch an STD from someone who doesn't have one.