• 5 months ago

    RE: Sexual desire gone

    Hi So are you still getting erections? or is it your desire for sex that's gone?

    There are thing's you can try, but all I'm going to put up you go and google them so you understand them and what they can do and any side effects.
    DHEA, as age DHEA goes away slowly in our body, so as a hormone your can buy iy to boost it back but go slowly, starting with 25 mg.
    Tribulus work the same path as DHEA but is just a herb and backs up DHEA, takes 8 weeks to get to full power.
    Swedish Flower Pollen, this will make you feel good, your feel this working.
    Maca is another one that will help boost you up.
    L-Arginine, this is nitric oxide great for stronger erections.
    L-Carnitine another one to help your erections.

    If you feel your blood needs a clean google NOWHARDS MIX, this is what I take daily or most days, what's in will get your blood zinging round your body as good clean blood makes for some great erections, I get morning woods most days and nocturnal erections that wake me and I'm coming up for 71, he ED about 8 years ago, was given Viagra but gave me bad side effects, so I live in Greece went my own way and hence NOWHARDS MIX.

    Most of what I take can be in your kitchen right now, just try the 12 week trail and see how you feel, and its all very healthy with not a drug in site.

    Hope this helps you.