• 5 months ago

    Going out of my mind. I just found out I have warts

    Hi. I just got diagnosed with warts. I was with my partner 3 yrs and got told he was messing about. Obviously he denies this but about a month ago I noticed 2 tiny bumps. I went for checkup and I have warts. He is still sticking to he hasn't done anything and says he has no signs himself and says I must of had them for years. I have been sexually active with him and only him for around 2 and half years and b4 him I wasn't sexually active for around a year. I have only now had symptoms. Please can some1 tell me if I could of had this for over 3 yrs and only now had any symptoms. It is doing my nut in. We r over and that's not the issue but I need to no am I looking at the wrong person or is he trying to put it on me for obvious reasons. Help