• 5 months ago

    Does prostate removal cause a permanent impotence ?

    I had cancer surgery in Nov. 2016 to remove my bladder and prostate and have NOT been able to get an erection since, no matter what I've tried.Is this permanent or is there a way to get an erection again ? I am only 56 and still have a strong sex drive, but this is driving me crazy.I also have pain in my left testicle, sometimes very painful.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Does prostate removal cause a permanent impotence ?

    Hi It would depend on the way your prostate was removed to what happens after your operation, its how your nerve bundles was handled and if any was cut out, its this that dictates how your erections are once you have recovered.

    Then only real way out now would be to have an implant, an implant is the last thing you can have done.

    Have you been and had any tests done yet, if not you really should.

    Go on a site called www.franktalk.org have a read around it the is an implant forum, have good look round and join if you feel it will be of help.