• 5 months ago

    HSV Transmission

    Hello, so I'm 31, male, negative for hsv. Long story short, met a girl, second date she had a cold sore in the final/healing stage. It wasn't weeping/wet, had a scab on it, pinkish/redish skin, looked like a cut. Had a great time, some alcohol, we end up kissing a lot. Scab fell of easily.
    My question is this. At the healing stage, the spot not wet, how likely is transmission of hsv-1 to me? If after I washed the areas she contacted would that have done anything? Also question if immune system factors in to transmission, as I have been taking immune system boosting supplements. Know getting hsv-1 isn't the end of the world and most of the population has it, just if I had a chance to avoid it I'd like to. Know we shouldn't of kissed with a mark present but it didn't look bad and she's really an awesome girl so wasn't really thinking I guess. If I don't see anything by 20 days after exposure, should I just stop worrying about it? It's been almost 3 days and nothing so far.

    Also, don't know if this is a factor, probably not but trying to be concise with info, but it was on the corner of her mouth at the lower lip, so don't know how much I would have contacted that spot. I'm no expert, it looked like it was healing, but what if it wasn't at that stage? I saw a small scab at the top and a rough line of intended red skin below, like a shallow cut I guess, assumed the scab meant healing stage. What if it was an earlier stage? Do I have a higher chance?

    And finally, what if it was HSV-2? Know that's rare on the mouth, but IF it was that could it just as easily take hold from romantic kissing?