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    Erratic period and weird vaginal discharge.

    Recently, I have been getting very irregular periods. I am 20 years old, and had periods since I was a teenager. For the past two years, I have always had regular periods (28days), and most periods started on the expected date, while some were early or late only be one or two days.

    My (usual) PMS symptoms are: cramping, mood swings, and discharging of large amounts of fluid from the vagina.
    Also, usually during mensuration, I have cramping and mood swings.

    However, since February, these things started to change:

    On February, my period was supposed to start on February 27th, but started on the 24th. Not only was the period 3 days early (which has almost never happened to me before), but I also did not have any PMS symptoms before menstruation (but still had extreme cramping during the menstruation).

    Then, the next period, which should've started on March 24th, started on April 5th, almost 2 weeks late. This time, I experienced very little PMS symptoms, and during menstruation, had the same amount of extreme cramping.

    Lastly, my period is supposed to start on May 3rd, but it still isn't starting(meaning that my period is three days late), and I feel no cramping whatsoever. (no signs of PMS) However, I urinate more frequently, and the bottom part of my vagina hurts (it has a stinging sensation). Also, when I urinate or hold my urine, that stinging pain becomes more painful. Additionally, the left side of my pelvis feels like it’s being pressured (that pain increases when I lie down).

    Also, regarding the fluid that is discharged from my vagina (which I have mentioned above) Usually, that fluid is mostly transparent and white, odorless, and is discharged in large amounts during menstruation. However, during the last couple of weeks, it has become yellow, form small chunks (like smashed tofu), and smells like fish. Also, instead of discharging lots of that fluid during menstruation, they were discharged in large amounts since two weeks ago (two weeks ‘before’ the expected period). They were discharged in very large amounts). Then once the expected period date arrived, they are almost not being discharged at all(but it still smells like fish).

    The length of mensturation remains the same (5 days)

    When I was in 9th grade, because my cramping during and menstruation was so severe, I had an ultrasound test to check if the excessive amount of pain was due to any secondary causes (such as diseases). However, the ultrasound confirmed that I had no such diseases. (Although this test was done a few years ago, I am still bringing this up just in case it may help)

    What could be causing these irregularities in the timing of my period and the change in the fluid in the vagina? I mean, for two whole years, my period and everything stayed relatively constant, then all of a sudden, the PMS symptoms are different, the days are not periodic, and the vaginal discharge has changed.

    **Also, I had my first sex a weeks ago. Could this be the cause?

    Please don't be afraid to make guesses or ask questions, as I'm guessing that the information that I have posted enough may not be sufficient enough for a full examination.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


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    RE: Erratic period and weird vaginal discharge.

    You have an infection, evidenced by the fish smell. Go go the doctor.
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        Thank you for your response. I will. However, regarding the vaginal pain and erratic periods, are they caused by other things?
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    RE: Erratic period and weird vaginal discharge.

    Hi For a start it will better for you to repost this in women s health board, on there your find Mary Jane Mimkin, your see her box top right hand corner, good help you will get if she gets on your post.

    But have you ever thought of going on the BC pill to regulate your periods, as that may get you over that hurdle, may take around 3 months to settle down as it wont happen over night,

    I did read about a hormone your cervix puts out that gives you these bad cramps, but sorry never see anything that would calm it down and never researched it any further..

    If you move this I would delete this one OK