• 5 months ago

    What could be causing my irregular periods?

    Recently, I have been getting very irregular periods. I am 20 years old, and started having periods since a teenager. For the past two years, I have always had regular periods (28days), and almost 99% of all periods were right on time.(not even a day early or late). Also, I have severe stomachache before and during my period (I also have mood swings). However, recently, this changed.

    On Feburary, my period was supposed to start on Februrary 28th, but started on the 24th. Not only was the period 4 days early(which has almost never happend to me before) but I had almost no PMS before the period...

    Then, the next period, which should've occured on MArch 24th, started on April 5th, almost 2 weeks late. This time, I had some stomachache, but nowhere as severe as my usualy PMS.

    Finally, my period is supposed to happen on May 3rd, but it still isn't starting, and I have no stomachache or cramping whatsoever. (no signs of PMS)

    What could be causing these irregularities in the timing of my period? I mean, for two whole years, almost not a period was late (not even a day late), but now, the days are erratic, and the PMS symptoms are different.

    I know that the surest thing to do is to visit a doctor, but the hospitals are closed because of my country's holidays, and moreover I want a wide variety of opinions.

    Please don't be afraid to make guesses or ask questions, as I'm guessing that the information that I have posted enough may not be sufficient enough for a full examination.

    Thank you in advance for your response.