• 5 months ago

    HPV, getting things straight

    Hi there,
    I´m 27 years old and got diagnosed with lots of genital warts a while ago. (had one wart, which i didnt knew about and cut it accidently while shaving. that did spread it everywhere).
    What really annoys me is all the contradictory information regarding HPV. I´m writing beneath what I found out after some research. Please correct me if i´m wrong!

    1. The “v” stands for virus, warts are just an infection of the top layer of the skin caused by the virus. Hence if your immune system supresses the virus you´ll never have warts but you could still have the virus and could spread it.
    2. You don´t test for the virus under the age of 25 because everybody, who is sexually active, has it anyways.
    3. Taking those two points into account, statistically speaking the chance of contracting HPV from someone who has warts vs someone who doesn’t have visible warts is basically the same.
    4. The HPV strains which cause warts don’t cause cancer.
    5. The correlation between HPV in men and cancer is rather sketchy.

    Best regards