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    STI scare

    I am a 19 year old female who has had quite a few sexual partners in the past 3 years, some protected, and some unprotected. I have done blood and urine sti tests but have learned that these do not test for herpes or HPV. I am constantly worried that i have either of these but the fear of knowing is something i struggle with a lot and have put off going for a pap smear. Over the past few months i have had an inconsistent pain/weird feeling in my vaginal opening, difficult to describe but it is kind of like a feeling of pressure on the area. I also have experienced a "sticking" pain in this area, and some irritation but this is not nearly as often. On my vulva (the top part) i have noticed a single painless, itchless bump that is the same colour as my skin but the surrounding areas are pink/red, it has been there for a few weeks but i havent been as worried because i have been told it is likely to be from shaving. What i am most worried about is the pain/weird feeling. What I am looking to find out is if this could be a symptom of herpes or HPV - the feeling is almost never the same, which is why i have such a difficult time describing it.


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    RE: STI scare

    I know it can be scary and certainly easier to just keep putting things off, but the best thing to do may be to schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN or your general physician. They are the only ones who can properly diagnose what is causing your discomfort.

    This article outlines some of the symptoms of genital herpes and may be helpfult o compare to what you are experiencing: http://wb.md/2lVM0HF

    This article does the same for HPV: http://wb.md/2m3yoJL
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    RE: STI scare

    Sounds like 1) a yeast infection 2) or HPV because herpes bumps starts as off as itchy and burning. Get the pap smear...you'll be glad you did. HPV is such a non-issue, over 80% of men and women have itd. OB/GYNO don't even blink an eye at it...reason why it's important to monitor it is bc it can lead to abnormal cervical cells, which also usually clear up on their own, but its best to monitor them just in case...always better to nip something in the bud, trust me. The HPV infection usually clears up on its own. Get the HPV vaccine which will slow any progression and will help the infection clear up. Wear protection w/ non-monogamous partners and you should be fine moving forward!
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    RE: STI scare

    Hi Well Like said already its could be a yeast infection that wont go away so needs treating ASAP

    For other tests find your local sexual heath/GUM Clinic, your find that the staff are really helpful to you. OK