• over 2 years ago

    Penile Discharge

    Hi please I'm 22 years old and I'm experiencing this sticky discharge when I urinate. I had masturbated for about 6 years now and don't know if that's the cause because I've done urine culture and it came up negative . There is this big rashes around my testicles and also a recurring itchy rashes on the tip of my penis. Also I feel this itch insidemy penis


  • RE: Penile Discharge

    Yikes! Get to the doctor, you should've gone already. I hope that you're feeling better. Why don't you try a penis health creme? They're awesome for the nerves, skin and general penis area. Good luck!
      • 5 months ago
        Will I hope now he has it under control as it sounds like chlamydia and no penis health oil or crème will cure that.

        Get a Life.

      • 5 months ago
        Men! Which cream can you recommend me?