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    Erection Problem

    I had a circumcision exactly 1 year ago and I had it done at the age of 20. I have made an appointment with my urologist, but beforehand I wanted to know why it seems like the left side of my penis does not get as erect as the right side and I can tell the difference whenever I masturbate and I cannot sustain a firm erection and would occasionally go limp. The reason I am concerned is because the stitches under the skin on the left side of my penis hurt badly and I could feel the stitch whenever I urinate, walk, or just in general when the stitches were trying to dissolve. The right side of my penis is where the stitches dissolved easily and the skin is more softer without any impressions left on the skin.


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    RE: Erection Problem

    Hi I think you should really be seeing the surgeon who performed the op on you, from what you saying the wrong kind of thread for the stitch's was the wrong one.

  • RE: Erection Problem

    SO sorry about this issue. You really should be talking to your doctor to make sure everything's okay down there!!!! Just hope you're okay. So so sorry man. That sucks. Have you tried using a penis health creme? May be able to help with these issues.