• 6 months ago

    Yeast Infection every month for 3 years!

    I've been having vaginal yeast infections every month for 3 years and alls I want to know is WHY I'm getting them I want to know the underlying problem I'm tired of just treating the symptoms. Ive seen 3 doctors and the third one I've been seeing for a year now. It wasn't until I started seeing the third doctor that I payed closer attention to when they were starting and it seems to be right before my period. This doctor has told me I would need to test positive for yeast 8 times before they could really start trying to figure out whats going on which they still haven't done. The last time I went in for a yeast test she told me that I don't have a lot of my own bacteria in my vagina and suggest I try Rephresh balancing pH gel which I haven't tried yet but I would like to know what would be causing me to not have enough of my own bacteria in my vagina. I have no STDs and have been tested for diabetes which I don't have . Ive only ever had 2 sexual partners and never had a yeast infection in my life . Coincidentally my yeast infections started a few months after I had been with my second partner who also developed a lump in his testicles right around the same time and hasn't treated it to this day whether this has anything to do with my infections I have no idea. I had my first doctor test him for yeast and she swabbed his penis with a q-tip and it came back negative...he also tested negative for any STDs and in the past 3 years has never had any symptoms of a yeast infection.


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    RE: Yeast Infection every month for 3 years!

    Hi you need to look at your life style and work from there to try and eliminate how your keep getting them.

    OK if you have pubic hair get shaved, YI is a fungus, and a fungus loves a warm damp place to live in, no pubic hair no hiding place.

    You need to keep out of Tights, leggings, trousers, jeans and if you use fem pads throw them away, all these stop your vaginal area from breathing.

    wear just lose cotton nickers as these breath, may not be sexy but healthy.

    Sleep naked and when ever you can go commando your vagina will love you for doing both of these.

    Get a Ph kit so you can check you vaginal Ph, after you have been on any kind of antibiotics, do take acidophilus to put back the good bugs in your gut, same goes for probiotic drinks and yogurts.

    Hope these help you.

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    RE: Yeast Infection every month for 3 years!

    Hello my wife and I use coconut oil when we get intimate she was prone to them allot when we first got married that was 15 years ago she has never had one since pure coconut oil will get rid of allot of infections you also might want to see if you have any candida yeast all over in your body that can cause all sorts of issues one way to tell is to have a look at your tongue and see if it is covered in a milky white substance here is a link to check as well good luck. https://draxe.com/candida-symptoms/