• 1 month ago

    ED problems?

    So I'm having a tough time at the moment.

    I've been single for 1 year now after being in a 4 year relationship full of good sex and good times.
    My first sexual encounter after my ex was decent, however a few months later I started seeing this nice girl that I got on with very well. But when I first tried to have sex with her I went soft and couldnt have sex which was disappointing obviously! However I went back in the next few days and was able to have sex multiple times . After that fling ended, and more recently I met up with this older chick and couldnt get hard what's so ever! Same thing happend last week, with a new girl.

    To give you some background I'm 25 years old, rarely smoke, drink occasionally, exercises often as am I personal trainer.

    I just have no idea what's going on? Wondering if anyone could help as its driving me nuts!
    I've realised more recently that I dont react the same as I did when I was younger when I saw girls on TV or out and about.
    If I'm completely honest it's as if my head is turned on, but my body is turned off.
    I looove girls and sex and hopefully that this is just a brief phase.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: ED problems?

    Hi I would say you need more time to get turned on, and find what really turns you on and work with that.

    I don't think you need drugs, just the right women or pegym.com and start penis excising, perhaps its not getting enough exercise in the right place, but keep away from porn as its not always the answer.