• 1 month ago

    HP virus and dyskaryosis


    I am male, 33 years old. A woman (29) I had sexual contact with contacted me about her recent smear test that showed she has HPV (last test 6 months ago was negative). As the cell test showed mild dyskaryosis, a colposcopy will be done.

    Now I am worried that I might have given it to her. Here are some details: we had protected vaginal sex, but unprotected oral sex (I performed oral on her, too). The time between the oral sex and her smear test was 7 weeks. We both don't show (obvious) symptoms (e.g. no warts).

    I am not mistaken, a virus can be dormant for many years. At the same time the incubation time for HPV is typically longer than 7 weeks. I assume that dyskaryosis takes even longer to develop.

    Hence my question: Is it even possible that I infected her?
    Should I do an HPV test myself - given that HPV is so common, it might not be recommended.