• possible oral herpes exposure

    I recently began interacting with a girl and for three straight days(this past Sunday Monday and Tuesday) We had intimiate interactions(kissing and making out) And on Tuesday we had intercourse and oral both ways. Afterward, she reveals that she had contracted oral herpes at a really young age but hasnt had an outbreak in a couple of years.(not sure if true because her credibility is questioned since she never told me this beforehand) . I had been tested in an std panel this past april and everything came out negative including testing for herpes. Since she revealed she had herpes I have been stressing and having anxiety big time. I've read the herpes is common but I really don't want it especially due to the stigma. I've been reading about the different tests. It's only been about 4 days since my last possible exposure so I haven't had any symptoms yet.

    I've read that I can take the igM herpes antibody test as soon as 10 days after exposure. The drawback I see is that my parents say I somehow had chicken pox twice as a young child and I also had mononucleosis when I was in high school(over 10 years ago from initially getting it). I read that if you had these this can make a false positive for the igM herpes test. A positive especially if false will be really bad for my mental state. However, I read that the herpes igG test you must wait typically 4-6 weeks before the test is accurate. I don't know if my anxiety can wait that long. I either need the peace of mind of knowing I don't have it or know that I do have it. Any recommendations or advice on the testing and what I should do?