• 8 months ago

    UTI? Gonorrhea? help please!

    I had unprotected sex with my partner (female) on friday, this was our 3rd time in the course of about a month. I woke up yesterday morning and had a noticeable amount of discharge coming from my penis. no morning wood and i’m 100% positive it wasn’t a wet dream. the discharge had slight yellow tint and was creamy. it burns when i pee but it’s not severe pain. through the day i continued to have discharge from my penis, although the rest of the day it was mostly clear and very similar to ‘precum’. later on in the day my eyes got noticeably dry, itchy and at times watery. the symptoms are still the same around 24 hours later, no better no worse.

    i’m 20. this is my first partner in years and my first time experiencing these symptoms. I’m extremely worried and just want some opinions on what it may be. Any opinions or knowledge about what is may be will be very appreciated.

    ps. i plan to go to the health department monday since it’s closed on weekends. Also i decided to buy this medicine bc i got super worried: