• 25 days ago

    Genital Herpes and NGU

    So 2 months ago I received oral sex from a female. Got scared of possibly getting chlamydia or gonorrhea so I went to a med clinic and got tested and was treated with a shot an 1gram of azithromycin. Test came back negative for both. Another week or 2 goes by and I start developing and tingling feeling in side my urethra, like something is crawling around. So I return back to the clinic to get retested and culture test down. All negative. I get referred to a urologist 3 weeks out. I start reading stuff on the web and find our that NGU can be caused by HSV. I start noticing a strong tingling sensations around and on my penis but no outbreaks of sores. I get tested and test positive for HSV 1. I go to my doc and get prescribed acyclovir 400mg. But he isn’t completely sure I have genital heroines because there’s no sores or outbreaks. So my question is should I still keep my appointment with the urologist and why do I have a NGU with no discharge and no painful urination. Which my doc says the NGU will go on it’s own.