• 4 months ago

    My significant other tested pos for HSV-1 but my test results came back negative.

    So me and my S.O. Have been dating for 4 years (have a child together.) and our relationship is going fine. Ran into a situation this pass summer where we thought we were ending the relationship but did not. During that 3-4 day period in which we thought the relationship was over, i went out and met a girl at a bar and had a one night stand, used protection but it popped and I ended up putting on another one and going about my business. Days later me and my s.o. Ended up reconciling and getting back together. A month and half later she had symptoms and got treated for what she thought was a year infection but ended up being chlamydia and was treated for it. I went and got a full std testing as well and was told I had tested positive for chlamydia as well and was treated. A month passed and my s.o. went to an appointment for birth control where the the clinician told her “oh btw you have hsv-1 , I forgot to tell you at your last appointment but didn’t wanna startle you, and since it’s normal I figured it wasn’t a big deal”. She was told this was a result from the test she took a month prior but I was told that chlamydia was all I tested positive for and not hsv1 (I was informed the antibodies were non reactive which in other words was negative), not to mention I got tested 2-3 weeks after her so that means I for sure should have tested positive if I had it. With this new info she also told me her ex boyfriend (before me) had hsv-1 but she never got it from what I was told. The only thing I can think to figure this out is go get tested again but if I test negative again, what could that mean?