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  • 8 hours ago

    girlfriend tried anal intercourse and after having problem after bowel movements need help

    I had anal sex with my girlfriend a month ago. three days later after the sex she had a fever that lasted for three days, after she had problems going to the bathroom, it's been a month since we had anal intercourse and she has a sensation to go to the bathroom all the time but can't, she does have bowel movements but she still feels the Sensation that she has to go, she said it kinda been getting better....what could it be and do you think she'll go back to normal
  • 10 hours ago

    How to Cure Genital Herpes Forever - Natural and Quick

    Hello everyone, I'm here to testify about my healing from HSV by Dr. Okokhue. I pray that God will always continue to bless you more abundantly, for the good works you did in my life, I will always keep on writing good and posting my testimonies about you on the Internet for the whole world to see. I’m Richard from Indiana USA. I was tested HSV positive, I saw a blog on how Dr. Okokhue cured people, I did not believe but, I just decided to give him a try, I contacted him and also got my healing....
  • 16 hours ago

    Deep sleep action

    I am a 46 year-old male with diabetes, and low testosterone. Both are being managed through medications. My wonderful wife will climb into bed hoping for intimacy- but this is usually around 2-5 AM when I am deep asleep after a long day. I love my wife dearly- and want to please her- but my ability and desire to do so from a deep sleep is certainly not what it was 20 years ago. Discussing this has lead to her feeling unwanted, and that the only time we are intimate is when I'm ready and able....
  • 1 day ago


    So I’m 17 ,around in February I had a boyfriend he gave me oral sex I didn’t give he gave me it then few days later I’ve got a really small little bump I would’ve never noticed if it hadn’t start itching at one point it was severe then I would check everyday it grew a little bigger and I started getting smelly discharge but not pain at all I got tested in April everything came back negative but I remain getting odor but not itchy ness then everything cooled down around may but the bumps are still....
  • 2 days ago

    Itchy Virginia

    Hello guys , for the last few days I have been having itchy Virginia with light yellowish discharge . Two days ago I developed strong headache Today I started having itchy body.. pls help ...
  • 2 days ago

    Do I have genital warts?

    I was self examining myself and came across these? Slightly worried and too embarrassed to go to the doctors?
  • 2 days ago


    I had unprotected sex and the next morning I had a couple vaginal sores. I also just finished my antibiotic that morning for strep throat. I’ve heard people say that it takes herpes longer than a few hours to show up so I wasn’t worried. But it’s been a week and the two sores are still there and now there’s another one. I also shaved and got a few ingrown hairs along my pubic line so maybe they’re ingrown hairs? I was also recently around someone who has a staff infection. I have an appointment but....
  • 3 days ago

    Nausea after masturbation

    I stopped masturbation for quite a while consecutively. I masturbated once a day for two days in a row. Today, I masturbated and felt a tiny bit nasceaus shortly after. My back hurt a little too. I also had a slight burning sensation for a second or two in my penis. Could this be something bad? Is it normal? I have a tendency to worry a lot over heath stuff. I also noticed a very small bump in my skin near a vein in my penis. Theat couldn’t be anything really bad could it?
  • 3 days ago

    Low Semen Volume

    I'm a 15 year old boy and I've been noticing that my semen volume has been decreasing. I just masturbated an hour ago and all that I mustered up was a speck and it greatly worried me. It started a few weeks ago when I suddenly had an extremely low libido and was kind of fatigue (something similar to that happened awhile back with low libido but I think that was psychologically-rooted). Those problems that I mentioned beforehand are obviously gone now but I still have a problem with low semen....
  • 3 days ago


    Hi I’ve had this little white flap and bump around my anus for a while now and it’s bothering me. It’s like a white flap and a hemorrhoid like bump but I’m not really sure it doesn’t itch but due to its placement it can be irritating.