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  • possible oral herpes exposure

    I recently began interacting with a girl and for three straight days(this past Sunday Monday and Tuesday) We had intimiate interactions(kissing and making out) And on Tuesday we had intercourse and oral both ways. Afterward, she reveals that she had contracted oral herpes at a really young age but hasnt had an outbreak in a couple of years.(not sure if true because her credibility is questioned since she never told me this beforehand) . I had been tested in an std panel this past april and everything....
  • 2 days ago

    Is this STD?

    I was wondering if this is pearly papules or a kind of std. It was only on the left side back then and now I have a little cluster on the right. Side context: my last sexual intercourse is 4 years ago and this appeared about a year ago. I masturbate frequently on a daily basis. The only kind of pearly papules i see on google is on the corona so i'm not sure if this is pearly papules indeed.Can pearly papules appear besides the corona? Edit: i can't upload an image due to the size limit. But....
  • 3 days ago

    I changed into massaging my calf muscles

    I changed into massaging my calf muscles. In my clinical nutrients practice, whilst a patron desires a protein-powder complement, I commonly advise whey protein isolate powder, although it's crafted from an animal supply. I just like the reality DXN Code Strike that whey protein incorporates all nine amino acids that our bodies should need to produce all of the different proteins we need to characteristic. Whey protein is likewise easily .
  • 5 days ago


    I hace went and bought lecithen from holland and barret the ultra rapid release pills do these really wrk make you cum like a fountain ? Do i take 3 a day or more ?
  • 5 days ago

    Penis Rash after sex

    I had sex two days ago with my new girlfriend and today i woke up with itchy rash on my penis. (Images link down - nsfw) I tried to google what it can be but I really don't know. I will defiitely talk to her about it and I called a doctor but he can examine me on monday. Until then I don't know nothing. Also i have some small non itchy rash on my shoulders but i don't know if it's related.
  • 5 days ago

    Want to know my chances of contracting hiv ?

    I’m a gay top and I went and had sex with a guy I met on jackd.. he convinced me to take the condom off and insisted we do raw.. he then showed me his prep bottles (truvada) and they were up to date and he also showed me his id and it matched so we did it... what are my chances of contracting hiv?
  • 6 days ago

    Hard vein on penis

    Hello, I have had a hard vein on my penis for around 2 years now. Sometimes it gets larger and smaller (sometimes even close to going away) and I have tried multiple things for it to go away. I have tried leaving the area (no masturbation or sex) for a long time, I have tried going to the doctor (he just said that it will eventually go away), I have tried massaging the area and I have tried using a swelling gel. None of these solutions have worked and I feel like I have put up with it for too long....
  • Penis issues

    Several years ago, I'd put on a lot of weight, and in the process lost all of my sexual desire and was unable to achieve an erection without medication. About 4 years ago, I was taken to the hospital with intestinal problems complicated by a facia between my colon and bladder. After surgery to repair this, I still was not able to be sexually active for about two years, until I recently lost a lot of weight by cutting carbs (almost all) out of my diet, about 100 pounds. I'm 6' 1"....
  • 9 days ago

    Significant Sensitivity Loss due to Jelqing (Penis)

    I'll begin with mentioning my goal with this post is to receive any ideas/suggestions on possible ways of regaining sensitivity so any responses are appreciated. Hello all, I'm a 21 year old. Gender: male as you may have assumed. About a year ago I tried jelqing, a natural "penis enlargement" technique where you try to push blood flow into your penis and trap it there supposedly making it larger over time. In reality, I think it creates scar tissue which in a way does make your....
  • 10 days ago

    Single white painful oval spot on gums behind teeth

    Hi, I have a single small oval spot that is on the my gums behind my left front teeth. It is fairly small, doesn't seem to be raised up much if at all but it is painful. There seems to be no redness around the spot. The spot showed up about 6 days ago. 3 days ago while I was eating it hurt more and I looked in the mirror and what was left was a small cut (canoe shaped hole) where it was, it was not bleeding or did not appear to be leaking anything. Its been getting a little less painful and this....