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  • 19 hours ago

    Concerned about contamination of a urine sample for STD testing

    I recently went to a sexual health clinic and was asked to produce a urine sample. On opening the lid of the urine sample container, my thumb slipped and accidentally touched the inside of the lid. It was a little graze either. My thumb made full contact with the inside of the lid. Before screwing the lid on the sample, I asked the nurse if I could get a new lid because of potential contamination. She said it would be fine. However, I don’t believe the nurse gave my concern much thought and was probably....
  • These little bumps scare me

    I have these little bumps around my labia minora and my vagina and they don't itch no pain nothing I'm concerned about it !! This is what they look like !!
  • 2 days ago

    Don't know what kind of bumps these are and I'm scared

    These bumps are around my Labia minora and also around the vagina I'm scared because they are painless and they where never there !!! They are timy and feels like somewhat a tongue texture soft and little but painless.
  • 2 days ago

    Herpes anxiety

    I newly have genital herpes as of three months ago. I've only had a couple outbreaks since the first outbreak. I had oral sex with the person who gave it to me, but never got a cold sore on my face. Now I'm in constant fear at anytime I still could. Any sensation on my lips at all that's unusual or any tiny mark, I have a panic attack. To calm myself down I tell myself that if I was infected orally, it probably would have shown itself by now, if it did on my genitals more than once. My....
  • 2 days ago

    Sti help

    Hi my partner and I have been sleeping together. We both have one had 1 previous partner. My last relationship was over a year ago. We slept together whilst on my period. He now has pimples and pain in his private area. I have never had symptoms of any sti but he blames me for giving him an sti. Can this be possible
  • 2 days ago

    is this warts?

    I happen to have a cut when having sex with my partner since he has ba big d**k and we did not use any lubricant and after the scars healed it looks like this. Could someone identify if this is HIV warts? Please im getting paranoid
  • 3 days ago

    Its getting worse

    I am having this bumps around my clitoris and labia. I dont know what it is. It is sometimes itchy. I hope you can help me. I wish i can attach some pictures here but I dont know how.
  • 3 days ago

    Please help identify these bumps/rash

    I’m freaking out. I’ve been itching a lot and did a self exam today to find all these little bumps. It’s like there’s a row of them on each side of my labia. There are also bumps in the middle that don’t itch as much? I don’t know if they’re normal or not. I can’t afford a doctors visit right now. There’s no smell and I can some white discharge yesterday but not so much today. Could someone else take a look? Does it look like herpes? Hpv?
  • First outbreak

    This week I am having my first hsv2 outbreak. It's awful. It's on my junk, my mouth, and in my nostrils. I feel terrible about myself. I feel gross and ashamed. I feel like I should never kiss my child again because I don't want to ruin his life. I made the stupid decision to fall in love with someone who has hsv2 (on penis only). I thought we could be safe and I wouldn't get it. I was stupid, and terribly wrong. We've only been together 8 months, and my outbreak is causing a....
  • 8 days ago

    Is it herpes or folliculitis?

    Hi, I have been in a monogamous relationship for 14 months now with a male. I am female. I’ve attached a picture below of my issue that just started two months ago (slightly nsfw): I let my public hair grow for over a month and thought it would do the trick, only to shave it and find some bumps still there. I tested positive for HSV1 back in April (I’ve had it since I was a child, actually, just cold sores) and negative for HSV2. I am worried and confused and don....