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  • 12 minutes ago

    Bleeding from scotum after ejaculation and having problem to get it hard since

    Hi, I seriously need some expert opinions. 4 days back I noticed blood dripping from the left side of my scrotum after a rushed masterbation. I was drunk when it happened and I noticed the bleeding few minutes later. But i didn't notice any scratches or cuts and couldn't determine where was the blood leaking from. There was no pain, bleeding was minimal and stopped in 30-45 mins. Since then I am having difficulty to get it hard. Sometimes my left testicle feels slightly tighter or there's....
  • 2 hours ago

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  • 1 day ago

    Herpes and Oral Sex

    Newly diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. Have had HSV1 all my life but just recently had a genital breakout and tested positive HSV2. My boyfriend and I have been together 7 months and he is being supportive but his doctor is telling him no oral sex. We haven’t come to a conclusion about what we will do moving forward but I can’t imagine one would go against medical advice, I’m not sure I would if roles were reversed. What have others experienced with this specific situation? He already has HSV1 so technically....
  • 1 day ago

    Scared! How did u deal with it

    I'm also scared. I'm 19 have herpes type 2! And feel like I *** up already. Never been in a relationship and now to scared to be in one. Everytime I think about A guy I like or even just looking at a guy or girl that's attractive I think about it.
  • 1 day ago

    Oral Sex

    Hi All, I hope you are all well.I am a male and made a terrible mistake and received unprotected oral sex from a female sex worker.... What is the possibility I could catch something, herpes or another std, from this encounter?? Please help.
  • 1 day ago

    Both me and my partner have herpes

    Quick question? We both have herpes. We are wondering if we can give each other oral sex without getting herpes of the mouth?
  • 1 day ago

    Genital Herpes and NGU

    So 2 months ago I received oral sex from a female. Got scared of possibly getting chlamydia or gonorrhea so I went to a med clinic and got tested and was treated with a shot an 1gram of azithromycin. Test came back negative for both. Another week or 2 goes by and I start developing and tingling feeling in side my urethra, like something is crawling around. So I return back to the clinic to get retested and culture test down. All negative. I get referred to a urologist 3 weeks out. I start reading....
  • 1 day ago

    No stds but having issues

    It all started after receiving unprotected oral sex 6 weeks ago. I started having the frequent urination issue. My first thought was uti. Went to local urgent care, no uti, no bv, no trich, send my culture of the lab, still no uti. 24 days after the fact I got tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes. All came back negative. Couldn’t wear tampons during my period because it felt uncomfortable. Went to my doc She said it could be bacteria giving me inflammation and she prescribed me flagyl and flucanozole....
  • 2 days ago

    Balls So Dry

    I've been having problems with the skin under my penis and my balls. For the past two days they have become wrinkly and developed this rough feeling to them compared to the other parts that aren't effected. When I take a shower or apply Cetaphil to them the problem goes away for a period of time. Normally re-occurs when I wake up in the morning or when the Cetaphil drys out...I'm also wondering if this is a direct effect to me apply my acne treatment to my crotch area to prevent break....
  • Menstrual Issues

    Hello all. Ive been having issues with my menstrual cycle, pretty much, ever since I started having them. It straightened out when I hit my late teens and then about 6 or 7 years ago it started getting bad again. I couldnt keep track of my periods (it would just start out of no where with no signs or symptoms) and it would last 2-3 weeks. I actually had a few that lasted for 4 weeks. I saw my GP about it and she put me on birth control to straighten it out. It seemed to work for a while, but then....