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  • 43 minutes ago

    Small sore bumps?

    i have been itchy down there ever since last being sexually active which is common for me but this time i noticed a sore feeling and today noticed a line of small bumps on my labia. i am freaking out please tell me what this could be??
  • 15 hours ago

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  • 16 hours ago

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  • 17 hours ago

    What is Ultralast XXL?

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  • 20 hours ago


    I have one small dot under my lip, it's red, I'm freaking out because I tend to over think everything but could it be acne? It's so small
  • 20 hours ago


    On the shaft of my penis, I have a random bump on it. It appeared a few years ago, but I kept washing (I’m uncircumcised) and it went away. Recently, had sex and out of nowhere it appeared and looks exactly like the old one. Again it’s one random bump and it feels tender. Should I be worried?
  • 1 day ago


    So I’ve been to the doctor twice about this bump I have in my vagina. Both times the doctors said they couldn’t see anything so I showed her a picture of it. She said it was just a cyst and they tend to pop up when you have an infection which they diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis. Does it look like a cyst?
  • Vaccines for Herpes

    Are there any recommended vaccines by professionals for women who have genital herpes? For example meningitis vaccine, shingles vaccine....etc. Thanks!
  • Herpes constant body itching

    I have been on suppressive therapy for over a week now. However, constant body itching and tingly still persists. Is there any recommendations as to what to do? Should I see a neurologist? Somebody please help or explain! Thank you.
  • 2 days ago

    Red dot under my lip

    I have one small red pimple under my lip but it's super small, could it be acne or?