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  • 2 hours ago

    Penis frenulum cut after mastrubation

    I am an uncircumcised 16 year old male. Three days ago I was mastrubating by rubbing my penis on my bed , it was the first time I was doing that, later on I found out that my frenulum was slightly bleeding although it was not cut it looked like the skin tore a bit. As it did not pain later that night I decided to mastrubate by inserting my penis in a sandwich bag by applying lotion for lubrication. Although it did bleed a little while mastrubate it didn't pain much. The next day when I woke up....
  • 2 hours ago

    Clear liquid semen after penoplasty

    I underwent one month of sexual abstinence as ordered by my urologist after penoplasty. I believe it was Nesbit plication procedure because it was to correct curvature from Peyronie's disease. Now I am very satisfied with the penile results (the curve is gone) but something new is cause for concerns: my semen used to be whitish and thick, the first ejaculations following the abstinence from surgery are clear and fairly liquid. What is going on ? Could it be a sign of acquired male infertility....
  • 1 day ago

    Antiseptic on Penis/STD Paranoia

    Hey people so I'm a 19 year old guy and I have been mildly freaking out over the past couple days. 4 days ago I let a guy i don't know at all give me oral unprotected. It lasted for like 2 minutes. I also shaved my penis and balls right before the encounter. He said he was STD free and I didn't see any signs of him having STDs. It was the dumbest thing i've ever done. That's my only sexual encounter of my whole life. As soon as i got home from this encounter I rubbed a waterless....
  • Hard to reach orgasm and there's no pleasure in it. Bad circumcision?

    Hello all, I'm a 47 yr old male. I've had big problems with sex from my earliest experiences with it. I recently read a description of the possible bad side effects of circumcision and they mirrored my experience very well. - I get erections very easily. - The sensation of rubbing the shaft feels very good, but doesn't really stimulate the build up to orgasm. - The head and the frenulum can feel good, but often begin to get painful or numb quickly. - The ridge behind the head of the penis....
  • 1 day ago

    Looking for advise

    four days ago I had protected sex with a female. She used her mouth to put the condom on, then realized it was going the wrong way then proceeded the correct way. After sex i immediately removed condom and washed genitals with soap and water. Shortly after noticed sharp pain inside tip of penis. Two days after i took a blood and urine test for an std and all came out negative. I still have the pain and am concerned with what it could be. Any help is appreciated
  • I need help with some advice on sex and some things I've noticed

    Listen I'm not dumb I've been doing my homework and everything so far that I read is 50 50. So I've been in a relationship for over 9 with the same women we have kids blah blah blah my problem is first I'm very sexual and she not now it used to be different we've both done our fair share of hurting and lying. We've had an open relationship and it was ok. I've had a lot of sex obviously so it's gotten to the point now instead of a few times a day then it went once a....
  • 1 day ago

    Pain in urinating

    I've been not being able to urinate correctly and also saw green mucus in my vagina as discharge, also I am producing little bumps with a little indent hole in the middle of the bumps and they are tender
  • 1 day ago

    Cant orgasm with partner

    To preface this I am a male, and I am able to orgasm alone and without a partner it still takes a considerable amount of time My current girlfriend is my first sexual partner, of the vaginal variety, and for whatever reason I am unable to orgasm through any sort of sex, whether it be oral or vaginal. I have had one partner in the past who I had given oral sex but had received nothing sexual in return so I can't be certain that its just my partner. I love my girlfriend dearly, I enjoy our relationship....
  • 3 days ago


    Hello, I have found while having sex with my girlfriend that it feels like my penis hits a wall and had not succeeded in penetrable sex. My girlfirend had been to a gyno in between and during an examination the gyna had tried inserting a specula inside her vagina. It was difficult to insert the spacula. She had tremendous pain along with high screaming along with bleeding. It scared all the doctors also. After the procedure the doctor mentioned that she had rigid hymen and asked to follow up with....
  • 4 days ago

    Should I be worried about contracting stds?

    I was making out with a girl and then she starting touching herself. She then asked me if I wanted to taste her and before I knew it she put her fingers on my lips. I freaked out and my tongue touched the fluid. About a minute later I went to the bathroom and washed my lips and mouth with soap. I am scared out of my mind!