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  • CannaLeafz CBD Oil : [Update 2020]|Reduce Anxiety|Depression|

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Pure-CannaLeafz CBD Oil Oil Experts You're able to utilize those drops whilst perhaps not needing to fret approximately its legal use. You do not require a prescription to obtain this CBD CannaLeafz CBD Oil. If you should be above 18 decades old, you are able to buy the system on line. This way the CBD oil is more tasteful as well as other useless chemicals are filtered out from it. This CBD oil is non psychoactive since it's absolutely free of any THC. Consuming....
  • Chronic Pain Ehler Danlos Syndrome.

    I have suffered all my life with dislocations, fractures, bleeds and chronic pain. I was not diagnosed until 1992 when my ex-husband, a doctor, thought I might have lupus. After biopsies and genetic testing, I was told I have EDS. I have finally found a regimen for pain that works but there are side effects. With sheltering in place I cannot get to my doctor, however, I do not want to stop taking the meds. Any suggestions.
  • 2 months ago

    Doctor drops cold turkey w 3 diff opoids daily for 11 yrs.

    How can my neuro for my M.S. have me on oxycotine loratab and neurotin each one numerous times daily for 11 yrs and just drop me 1 week before my meds are due cold turkey. And in 11 yrs never failed a drug test till last one and was because my husband passed and grief was overwhelming so someone said that this would help so I failed one and only drug screen in 11 yrs. Plus never sighned a paper saying I consenting to a drug screen ever in 11 yrs but I fail 1 and he drops me as a patient and a week....
  • 3 months ago

    Mountain Sky CBD Oil:-Remove the tumour cells and prostate gland issue

    It is the best shot. I am not completely lost when it is on par with that. There are other points that should play a part. That is the most beautiful Mountain Sky CBD Oil Trial Offers I could find. I got Mountain Sky CBD Oil Review at an introductory price. Through what agency do poor people bring to light economical Mountain Sky CBD Oil Trial Offers discussion groups? I should apologize for that. It was much to my bewilderment. Using that tries to cater to all tastes. Perhaps I shouldn't embrace....
  • 3 months ago


    I have suffered with back problems for the past 20years which over the last 7/8 years have gradually got worse. It started of with pain in my lower back which was helped by regular trips to a Chiropractor. This allowed me to continue walking with my local walking group. But slowly over the past 7 years the pain has gradually worse with pain in my lower back, down my right leg plus both feel are numb. I had an MRI scan November 2015 which showed problems at L5/S1 which causes moderate stenosis compressing....
  • 3 months ago

    Chronic pain from herniated discs and little help from physicians.

    I sustained disc herniations in L4-L5, and L5-S1 from a serious auto accident in 1974. After quite a bit of medical confusion, an orthopedic surgeon, and friend of my father, pinpointed the source of my pain and muscle spasms. He put me on a protocol of Soma Compound, heat, and physical stretching and activity for 7 to 14 days. Over the subsequent 26 years, until his retirement, I received the same therapy every time I did something stupid and aggravated my back. Those aggravations became farther....
  • 4 months ago

    VA cut my pain meds

    I'm a veteran and have been living with chronic pain for 16 years. 5 surgeries on the left shoulder, and so far 4 on the right. The last was March 6, 2019 with a total reverse shoulder replacement. And I am in agonizing pain all the time. So, I tried some marijuana, tested positive, and what I, no more pain meds. And they won't prescribe marijuana to any vet. Thank you. I had to get this off my chest.
  • 5 months ago

    Easy Migraine cure for most people

    I found this cure after years of pain and it works like magic. When your eyes start to go or you feel a migraine is coming on take about 6-8 extra strength tums or four 600mg of calcium supplement available in any vitamin aisle . You will have your vision back and no or very slight headache within ten to fifteen minutes . The calcium supplement is better. Please pass this on to others . No one should have to suffer as we have.
  • 5 months ago

    Total knee replacement

    Can I safetly take 25mg of Trazadone and 5mg of Vicodin for sleep and pain from TKR?
  • 5 months ago

    "Chronic" back pain

    For almost 5 years I have frequently experienced a sharp pain in the middle of my back right where one of my right ribs meets my spine. It happens in episodes and usually I can make it go away by taking two ibuprofen but what concerns me is that it is always in the same spot. I've been to a chiropractor for the last 6 months and have recently stopped going because it wasn't changing the rate of the episodes. I'm desperate for an answer here.