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  • Knock knees, or something else?

    Hello. I've recently discovered that my knees appear to be somewhat oddly shaped. I only started to noticed after developing some knee and ankle pain, mostly on my left side. It appears that the knees stick out quite a bit on the inside like a bump. I also do have long, skinny feet. I'm 26, and my parents never mentioned my doctors diagnosing me with knock knees or anything when I was a child. I'm about to start physical therapy for my knee pain and some back pain I've been having....

  • 2 days ago

    Think I may have scoliosis...

    I’ve lately been having unbearable back pain, and nothing helps. I’ve tried icy hot, Tylenol, and heating pads. I can’t even sit up straight anymore. I looked up symptoms of scoliosis out of curiousity and kind of think it’s a match. One of my legs is longer than the other, one of my hips is higher than the other, and one of shoulders is higher than the other. My back kind of does that caving in thing. Thoughts? I think I may just be paranoid. The picture is of my back.

  • 6 days ago

    How to remove diagnoses from records

    I had been diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome in 2009. After working with my doctor for several years to control the pain, he put me on extended release morphine. After years of trying drugs, supplements, diet, physical therapy, and talking to psychiatric professionals, I felt this was the last resort, so I agreed to try it. It worked great. It took about a year to get the dosage right, but was a very high dose. I took 145mg/day for about 8 years. I’ve never used it recreationally and....
  • 8 days ago

    Surface Knee Pain

    What can cause pain on the surface of the kneecap? It is sensitive only to touch or to kneel on, but no other problems. It is sensitive to the touch like a bruise and sends throbbing superficial pain when I kneel on it which continues for a minute after pressure is removed. Otherwise there is NO pain or stiffness. It is extremely localized and small area. There is no redness or black and blue. What could it be? Pinched nerve, hairline fracture?
  • 9 days ago

    Dismissal from PM?

    I've been seeing my PM doctor for a little over 2 years. I had a knee reconstruction surgery done back in 2003 that is due for a replacement, but due to my age (32) we're trying to hold off as long as possible since my ortho said I would have to have it re-done every 15 years. Combine that with an insurance company that doesn't want to really pay for anything and I'm pretty much left with PM. I've done years of PT, tried every over the counter or non-narcotic medicine they've....
  • 18 days ago

    Bruise-like pain with swelling but no bruise

    I have pain just like I had been hit hard with a tennis ball in the inner thigh right above my knee (but hadn't been) and its moderately swollen, but no bruise. I looked up symptoms and found possible causes of spider bite, or possible DVT. I actively play tennis 4 times per week, am not overweight, and recently took at trip out of town so sat in a car for the commute to airport (1 hr), sat at airport (1hr), sat on plane (1.5hrs), commute to destination (1hr). I woke up the next morning with....
  • 19 days ago

    No two doctors have the same ansewer

    Hello I'm 55 now, I hurt my self at work, I have been to more doctors than i care to say, but you know not one of them came up with the same condition. had three operations,and i still have the neck and shoulder pain, now my left side is going down the tub. Not sure if i want and thing done, didn't help my other shoulder.
  • 26 days ago

    pcl tear

    My 6 year old son, tore his PCL at our local indoor trampoline park. He's since had an MRI and started mild p.t. My question is, in addition to his p.t. and exercises he does at home. Can I introduce a joint complex (ie, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, msm, and type II collagen) to aid in the rebuilding and re-strengthening aspects of his injury? I know I supplemented it into my workout regimine years ago and it kept me feeling fresh and extremely active, through slo-pitch softball, 2-3....
  • 1 month ago

    Knee and leg support

    So i was in a bad motorcycle wreck back in october 2017, i broke my right leg in 4 places. Theyve put a rod in my leg and plate and screws in my ankle but my question is what can i do to have support for my leg and ankle while i walk im curious because i am looking at knee braces and stuff and want to make sure it will help before i buy it and that if it will help then what kind of knee brace should i get? Ive got an ankle brace it helps my foot but my leg and knee still hurt when i walk
  • 1 month ago

    Chronic Pain

    I've been on hydrocodone 5-325 for 8 yrs due to a back injury. I was hit head-on by a texting driver awhile back & still on the same medicine. I was broken up pretty bad. I broke my nose, a bone in my neck, all my ribs, my hip & bones sticking out my lower part of my leg & anckle. They haven't changed my medicine & I've been in a lot of pain since leaving the hospital. I don't why, I'm taking the same pain medicine I've been taking all these yrs. Please help....