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  • 4 days ago

    Where Chronic Pain Hurts the Most

    From Dr. Abaci’s perspective, the greatest tragedy of chronic pain is the impact it has on our ability to give and receive love:

  • 9 days ago

    Back of the Knee Pain

    Recently I went to an amusement park and was constantly walking for like 10 hours. By the time I was leaving I found myself having trouble walking and fully straightening my leg without a sharp pain in the back of my knee. When I got home I realized it had just gotten worse. I thought maybe I just need some rest, but it still hurt in the morning? Does anyone know what this is? What might've caused it? And how to treat it?
  • suggestion for lady with chronic back pain and fibromylagia

    It's clear that traditional medical advice isn't going to help you. You've have exhausted that avenue. That is actually a good thing because now you know, you must be in charge of healing yourself. That will create a shift in your brain chemistry which will help enable to take charge of your condition. I had years of chronic back and neck pain as well as depression, a herniated disk with numbness down my leg. I gradually got better through acupuncture, yoga, biofeedback and being diligent....
  • 11 days ago

    Need help

    I am on hydromorphone because I fell down a flight of stairs and it was helping earlier when they used the shot in the ER but now the oral medication is not working and I'm in a large amount of pain. What should I do?
  • 19 days ago

    God is my lifeline

    My name is Candis. I was diagonosed with osteoarthritis,ddd, and cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis about 1 year and a half ago. I suffer with pain in my hands, tingling and burning in my arms and legs, stiffness in my neck, muscle spasms in my back, pain in my back, and headaches. I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain. The only time I dont feel pain is when Im sleeping. Some days my pain is tolerable, some days its cronic and some days excruciating. Im on neurontin, soma, baclofen and meloxicam....

  • 25 days ago

    THC and trigeminal neuralgia

    I'm 85 and have dealt with trigeminal neuralgia for 15 years. It is getting worse; the carbamazepine is now up to 500mgs per day and that molecule damages liver. I've switched to controling the pain with dronabinol which is THC 2.5mgs. It does the job without any side effects because 2.5mgs are too few to put me into a stoned state. Problem: insurance. They want to insure dronabinol for cancer patients, for appetite, vomiting, that sort of thing. Dronabinol is available out of pocket from....
  • 27 days ago

    ACL Reconstruction - Hamstring Graft - Knee Pain

    I had ACL reconstruction surgery about 13 weeks ago with a hamstring graft from my own hamstring. PT was going good until around 8 weeks when I started feeling this bad pain in my right kneecap/ patella tendon area. The pain would not go away so at 12 weeks when I was suppose to start doing light jogging exercises, I was not able to. The pain is getting better but it is holding me back because I feel I cant attempt to jog because the pain might be that strong. I also had to stop doing certain things....
  • 1 month ago

    Weakness , pain , blood test normal

    Hi there ! I'm new here trying to find out why should i suffering pain so many years. I'm tired of going to doctors, sorry if my english is not good.So if you can help me i would be appreciated. I'm male 30 years old 45kg ! It's about 10 years i have pain in my chests , muscles , knees , fingers... sometimes everythings get better but most if the times i have them. Also most times i have no energy to do anything so weakness i have , its so much hard for me to go to my job.i'm....

  • 1 month ago

    Neuromodulation for 7 years!

    I was on opioids for 3 years and decided to test neuromodulation and I am very happy I did! I contacted Saint Jude's and set up a trial with my neurosurgeon. The trial went well and I had the unit implanted. I can adjust the settings to my liking and have gone from agonizing pain to very acceptable minor ache without the need Or worrying of Opioids. The neurosurgeon told me that I would most likely have to change the batteries after about 3 years and I have charged them 2 times a week for 7 years....
  • 1 month ago

    Everyone's pain

    Hello, compassion for all of you. Please try medical marijuana. If you cannot get it in your state, cbd oil alone will help a lot of people