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  • 1 day ago

    level cervical spine fusion.... a year of hell!

    I have been told one of the levels completely didn't fuse. And directly under the failed fusion is another disc that has nothing left. I've been through 4.5 months of P.T . BONE GROWTH STIMULATOR. Daily walks and stretching exercises. Vitamin D plus calcium. No smoking.. tenz unit.. lidocaine patches.. I cannot drive,,I cannot take myself anywhere..I cannot sit up straight have to be slightly reclined always with ice cold pack. Weakness in arms mostly right side ,,and I'm right handed....
  • 6 days ago

    Kaisers making patients suffer

    Hello, I was wandering how all the kaiser patients are doing after being refused pain management care? In the valley near fresno, ca, its finally affecting us. The older posts I saw were 4 to 7 yrs old. How did affected patients survive this terrible dis service? Did you pay cash for a private Dr, find a pain solution, demand a diagnosis, or did you lose your job and are stuck on the couch in agony? If you dont want to read all this, skip to last paragraph for your input, please. I find it ironic....
  • Do I have Ankylosing Spondylitis?

    I am a 28 year old female. I started to experience back and joint pains about 2 years ago, when I started weightlifting. The pain first occurred on my right shoulder, and then my mid/lower back. Since the pain wasn't that bad earlier, I was't really bothered with it. It soon turned into a very nagging form of pain, which resulted in me stopping the gym. Over the past few months, I have been doing jobs that involve some heavy lifting. The pain shows back again in the same spots, and has steadily....
  • 15 days ago

    Really bad lower back pain that doesn't subside at all

    Hi, I have been having a really bad lower back for almost a month now. It started when I was on a 12 hour / day project from the past two months (which just ended last week). I still have the back pain though, and it seems like it has got worse. I am a 35 year old female. I have been to a couple of physiotherapy sessions, but it didn't help at all. I am in agony, and this pain doesn't seem to subside. I can't be on painkillers all the time. I am also deficient in Vitamin D; maybe that's....
  • 16 days ago

    Problems with 5G and Medical Implants???

    Does anyone know if medical implants, especially the new back pain implanted nerve simulator, have been checked against 5G radiation. As you may or may not know, 5G towers are spaced at a maximum of 500ft. and can be as close as 200ft. They emit mass amounts of high frequency radiation, supposedly not harmful to humans, even though it is used as a weapon by the military and for crowd control by the authorities. Houses have caught fire when it was turned on near ones with more than one router in them....
  • 17 days ago

    Reoccurring sharp lower back pain at 18 yrs old

    Hi :) so I’ve been having this sharp pain in my lower back that shows up typically once a month and lasts 1-2 days. I’m 18 years old and have done sports all my life but currently have not done any since 4 months ago. Once the pain starts, I can feel it when I’m laying down, sitting, walking, or bend my back forwards or backwards. And I will occasionally have surges of pain during the time I’m experiencing the pain. I have tried Tylenol, ibuprofen, icing, heating, stretches, and bio freeze; but nothing....
  • 22 days ago

    Had a 2 level cervical spine fusion..3 levels bad. 1 left.. 1 failed...

    Sorry,,,I posted a minute ago about my fusion and wasn't clear about the levels. Thank you
  • 1 month ago

    PhenoPen CBD : Where To Buy PhenoPen CBD !

    PhenoPen CBD So, what do people use CBD and products like the PhenoPen vape pen for? There are a lot of supposed health benefits from CBD, both physical and psychological. According to the official PhenoPen website, here are some of the benefits: It’s a compound that is found in hemp plants. Don’t let the fact that it comes from hemp scare you off. All the THC (the compound that gets people high) is removed during the CBD extraction process. It won’t get you high, and it won’t make you fail a drug....
  • 1 month ago

    Urine drug test pain management

    Did I fail my urine drug test for pain and with 248ng of amphetamine and 148ng of methamphetamine in my urine. I would like to note I was taking the diet pill PHENTERMINE at the time of test
  • 1 month ago

    knee replacement

    My mom recently had knee replacement on 6/8/19. (She had both hip replacement in 2010 previously)Can she have MR and tomography? She started having severe hip(both) aches after her right knee surgery. Especially when she moves or walks, she says her both bottoms(where she sits), sometimes hips are hurting so much. Does she need to have MRI or tomography and can she use MRI or tomography with her replacements? Her knee replacement brand is Zimmer and four components: Zimmer, NextGen, Complete Knee....