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  • 5 hours ago

    Fluid in Bursa Sac

    I have sharp pain on inside of my left hip near my groin anytime I try to lift my leg. Four years ago I actually had to have two of my bursa sacs drained (aspirated) with a needle. Once the fluid was drained, I felt instantaneous and complete pain relief. The Dr. used a screen that helped him direct where the needle was going. The procedure was painless and only took 15 minutes. My problem seems to have returned. Same symptoms. This has been an issue for me since Jan. 2018. My ortho Dr. Just doesn't....
  • 12 hours ago

    dealing with chronic pain for almost 6yrs

    I've been dealing with chronic pain since 11/2012 been thru a litany treatments and procedures, nothing has helped. Nerve ablation was recommended from the beginning but no one would do it, now I have a Dr. that might do it but was told that some kind of disability might go with the procedure. I'm not certain if anyone can help but 6 yrs is a long time to have to deal with pain this severe, I at the end of my rope and could use a little guidance on how I should move forward.
  • 1 day ago

    Pain in Tailbone/back

    Any advice or help appreciated I am a female, 21, and I've been experiencing pain mainly in my tailbone for about a month now. When I stand up, or sit, it feels extremely tender on better days, or on days like today, I find myself having to hold in grunts due to the severe pain at times and struggle to stand right away. I'm on my feet most hours of my day, but I also have time to sit in padded office chairs. I've not fallen or suffered any injuries to the area, and there are no sores....
  • Re: What to do with the diagnosis, "Failed Back Surgery?"

    I was hit while by a car while riding my bike back in 2015. I've had 3 back surgeries now on L4,L5 to correct the problem. I'm in far more pain than I was before the surgeries. The quality of my life has decreased significantly. Before it was discovered that I could not carry through with the my job duties, I resigned from my job recently. I have never quit healed from the day of the accident. I was referred to a pain management dr. However, I do not trust my pain mgmt dr. Although he is....
  • 10 days ago

    Does Patroxidan Pain Relief Really Works?

    Patroxidan Pain Relief Several authors have reviewed the experience with pulsed magnetic therapy (PEMF) in Eastern Europe and the West. PEMFs have been widely used in many medical conditions and disciplines. They have been more effective in the treatment of rheumatic disorders. The PEMFs produced a significant reduction of pain, improvement of spinal functions and reduction of paravertebral spasms. Although PEMFs have been shown to be a very powerful tool, they should always be considered in combination....
  • 17 days ago

    Nerve pain episodes

    I’ve had nerve pain episodes for 3+ years. Been to many Drs. With no answers. My episodes are extreme nerve pain and then the nerves burn and over heat me. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this.
  • 18 days ago

    2 back surgery s that almost worked

    My pain management Doctor suggested shots in my lower back plus rehab , or lower spinal fusion . My pain is straight across the bottom of my back .I was hoping for someone to talk to who has had back fusion on l1 and up .
  • 28 days ago

    Strange pain in left neck/shoulder region when exerting energy/when heart rate rises.

    Hello WebMD community. I just joined, and this is my first post because I've seen to have been getting nothing but dismissive responsive for every doctor I've seen regarding this issue, and it's a very crippling issue to endure - I basically can not function normally throughout any given day due to this strange, scary pain that occurs on my left side neck/shoulder, in the "pocket" space where your neck and shoulder meet. I've been experiencing this pain since September of....
  • 29 days ago

    Educated guess for a diagnosis?

    I know that the WebMD community cannot legally diagnose me with any medical condition, so I will hereby hold everyone harmless of legal liabilities who will be kind enough to help me at least get an educated guess on what is causing me so much debilitating pain, that any kind of strenious activity for more than a few minutes makes me feel like I am about to be seriously injured. You see, I have been diagnosed with at least three debilitating diseases already: Fibromyalgia, mild Scoliosis, and I have....
  • Herniated L5 that won't heal at a young age

    I am 21 years old. I officially knew I had a herniated L5 for about eight months and I have had nerve pain for a little over a year. I have always been active in playing sports and getting exercise. I did not have one injury that caused this but rather years of babysitting and picking kids up who were more than half my weight. I am 5'0 and weigh about 120. I have gained weight since my herniated disc because of the limited amount of exercise I can get. I have been told to and I have tried to....