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  • 4 hours ago

    Pain management after venogram

    I just had an illiac venogram and 2 vascular stents inserted at the iliac junction today. I refused pain meds because I have been previouslly dependent on opiates and did not want to open pandora's box again. My back hurts tremendously. Is it safe for my wife to gently massage my back to relieve the pain?
  • Backpain? I can help for free!

    Do you suffer from back pain? Does it influence your quality of life? You've tried various doctors, massages and other remedies and nothing helped? I can try to help you! I'll do it for FREE. Why? ============= I've suffered many years from severe back pain. I've visited many doctors, masseuses, chiropractors, drugs and many more. Nothing helped. Last suggestions I got was a surgery that also didn't promised to help. I've decided to help myself! After countless hours of reading....
  • 4 days ago

    Back pain

    I have lower back pain and it is pulsing as well as causing leg pain and makes it hard to walk it has been happening for almost 2 months and i have been getting chronic migranes what should i do?
  • 5 days ago

    Back and hip pain

    For the past few days I have been having lower back pain. The pain goes into my hips. What can be the cause
  • 5 days ago

    PM Doctor

    I have been on PAIN meds for about 10 years. Until recently I didn't have a problem getting them. Then the law changed and my PM doctor retired. She recommended a Dr and that's where the problems started. The doctor said he was cutting my meds and I had to get epidurals in place of some of the meds. I said I had no problem as long as my PAIN stayed under control. Long story short, my pain was not under control and my BLOOD PRESSURE skyrocketed to Around 211/103. I ended up in the emergency....
  • 5 days ago

    Pain pump failure

    Hi. So I had a pain pump put in a few months ago by a physician who IS NOT A BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEON but simply has "surgical privileges". He did a *** job and has compromised my spine as it continuously leaks cerebrospinal fluid (high risk for infection). I have horrific pain as a result. Am having a difficult time finding a pain management doctor who can deal with the pump and possibly take it out. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • Pain

    I need pain management like now hospital doesn't want to help.i fall n hurt myself alot got heart disease.kidney disease I have like 30 things wrong with me...I'm in constant pain I live in Abilene Texas no medical pay...I need to find a dr.who does cash pay ...I wouldn't want to wish all these pains on my worst enemy...please can someone help me...
  • 7 days ago

    pain and sickness.....neevr stops..if i dnt treat it body this common cuz im teated like a everyday person and even as a criminal.

    i take methadone for my ilness...its so takes away the sufictions tho no hi effect so it doesnt erase most or all..even the brain stays pain it disturbs the can methadone make me happy with no hi..well maybe if i had money for a life..i neevr had those mixes..last there was a flood in the hose and a contractor trashed my whole house and wnt finish for 1 and half years for a easy 2 week job and inshurance company wont give me anything..cinderella is a common hurt....
  • 8 days ago

    Back injury 10 years ago still bothers me

    Hi, I'm a female, age 22, 5'4'', 105 lbs. When I was in middle school (around age 12 almost 13) while trying to do a handstand for PE, I landed badly on my face (lol) and chest and some of my stomach area, and I fell sort of like a...scorpion landing, where my legs were in the air and curved toward my head. Basically I landed pretty badly and my body was curved awkwardly, and it was very hard to move afterwards. But I didn't want to tell my mom about it (she had breast cancer....
  • 10 days ago

    Shoulder blade to elbow pain

    So a really sharp pain started in my right shoulder blade out of nowhere, then I started feeling this pain down the back of my arm to my elbow, the pain is like I had hit my funny bone but more intense for 2 weeks I had this, then one morning it had totally disappeared from my right shoulder blade/arm but jumped over to the left with the same problem the pain running down my left arm/elbow and pain up my neck now this one lasted around 5 days then went for 2 days and now it's back again in my....