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  • Opioids for Chronic Pain Management

    What should happen when someone who has been on long term opioid therapy becomes opioid tolerant? Is it ok to increase dosages, go on to stronger medications? I would prefer not to receive judge mental replies about sucking it up, just put up with it etc. Tolerance is a natural physiological response that is not good or bad, and it happens with other medications as well. it seems like a real dilemma for people in real pain who rely on opioids to have some quality of life.
  • 6 days ago

    Neuromodulation for 7 years!

    I was on opioids for 3 years and decided to test neuromodulation and I am very happy I did! I contacted Saint Jude's and set up a trial with my neurosurgeon. The trial went well and I had the unit implanted. I can adjust the settings to my liking and have gone from agonizing pain to very acceptable minor ache without the need Or worrying of Opioids. The neurosurgeon told me that I would most likely have to change the batteries after about 3 years and I have charged them 2 times a week for 7 years....
  • 7 days ago

    Spinal Cord Stimulator aka SCS

    Dear Dawn: Having a SCS implanted in my spine was the best thing I ever did for my pain. I have had 12 back surgeries and good hardly move. The SCS allowed me to go back to work. I am disabled and on SSDI. I went back to work full time or a year and it was too much and went back to part time. I would find a good neurosurgeon and get it done. You will not regret it. LisaMarie
  • 7 days ago

    Everyone's pain

    Hello, compassion for all of you. Please try medical marijuana. If you cannot get it in your state, cbd oil alone will help a lot of people
  • 9 days ago

    Back Pain

    I'm only 16 years old, and I've never experienced this kind of back pain before. In my lower right side of my back, in the deepest part of the normal arch, I get severe shooting aches whenever I'm sitting, standing or laying down. This had been occurring for about a month, but has quickly intensified over the past week. I haven't slept for days because the pain often brings me to tears, and I can only lay down if I fold up a pillow and stuff it under the arch of my back, the arching....
  • 9 days ago

    Why are they not thinking about real pain patients?

    I could have not said it better then you did. Why should we pay for insurance and not get the medical help we deserve. We are ALL on opiates due to a DR advise. Now they want to take what little quality of life we have and make it even worse. I just don't understand. And also its so bad in MO as I have recently found out. Should have checked that out b4 moving there. I have always followed the script on the bottle. If the pain is still bad I have to go to bed or lay on the couch. Gets very old....
  • 9 days ago

    Anyone else who needs BOTH(!)- a Total HR-& a Spinal Fusion op?

    Hi. I just wanted to check and see if I'm the only one needing both surgeries- at the same time... I don't mean having BOTH operations DONE-- @ the very same time! lol I just meant that I've been diagnosed as needing both surgeries(!!) Ok?! chkl Moving along, if there's anyone else in the same boat... Could you please describe what your pain is like? I just want to see if it's similar to mine;,& possibly have some better adjectives to explain this pain, to my Drs(!) I've....
  • 11 days ago

    Lower back pain and sciatica

    Is there a set amount of time I have to wait after getting a RFA done on my lower back to then get a decompression laminectomy done for my sciatica? Can I get a RFA done on Thursday and then get a decompression laminectomy done the following Wednesday?
  • Medial Branch Block/Radiofrequency Ablation

    Has anyone had a medial branch block with radio frequency ablation? Did it provide pain relief at all? If so for how long? Thanks in advance for any replies, and amy other tips on back pain relief :-) Dawn
  • 12 days ago

    Sciatica, Piriformis, Something Else?

    HI everyone, just some quick background. Last fall I began waking up with my left knee hurting. Usually I'd just stretch and feel better, but I didn't really think about it. By January, I was walking with a limp and in pain, taking OTC pills to relieve it. I saw a doctor in February, she ordered bloodwork, an xray, and that I do some stretches as she thought I had sciatica. The xray didnt reveal anything special, nor did the bloodwork. After doing her stretches for a week, I could barely....