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  • 2 days ago

    A question about CBD for chronic pain

    Hi, In 2012 I underwent a Lamimectomy surgery which was not at all successful. Since that time I have been saddled with chronic pain and nerve damage to the left thigh area and toes of both feet. My back, hips and knees are filled with arthritis. I was prescribed and have been using various strengths of slow and instant release Morphine and Gabapenten for pain and nerve damage, as well as over-the-counter pain meds, Zopiclone for insomnia, Atacand to assist in lowering the upper blood pressure level....
  • 6 days ago

    Doctor is weaning me off of meds questions pls help

    Hey y'all. I have been taking Percocet for a while now for my back problems. Recently with the opiate epidemic doctors are taking a lot of patients off of pain medicine . My Dr gave me the option of going to pain management or weaning off my Percocet. I chose to be weaned. He has dropped my mg and my times a day. From 5 one month to 4 now 3 well when I go back he will go to 2 but I'm not ready to go lower can I ask him to keep me at 3 one more month? I have anxiety with Drs in general and....
  • 13 days ago

    Pain managment

    I suffer from daily headaches and pain from broken tailbone and acid reflux from past bout of bleeding ulcers. I need to need to know what i can take for pain other than tylenol cause it doesnt work for me.
  • 14 days ago

    Problems from new shoes

    About two Months ago I got my new work boots. After about a month i started to develope heavy pain at the bottom of my left foot. I went and bought new insoles which did not seem to fix the issue. I'm currently waiting on a set of replacements. The thing is o developed a really heavy pain in my left butt cheek. It feels like a rubber band stretching from left to right. Hurts like hell. Also started having pain in the crease between the left butt cheek and the thigh with a small lump. Is this....
  • 15 days ago

    Severe lower back pain

    I have been diagnosed with later onset of scoliosis with severe degenerate disk disease. 7 weeks ago I was admitted to the for a 5 day stay because I had bad leg and groin pain. They said I had a pelvic fracture along with what they called sciatica nerve damage in the lower lumbar area. 8 weeks later I still can hardly walk with a cane or walker. I can't get any help for pain outside the hospital. I am supposed to start more physical therapy again and I am in extreme pain in my last back and....
  • 17 days ago

    Posible cervical stenosis

    Im a truck driver and back in 2016 I fell out of my semi and hit the back of my neck.I got up and seemed to be fine no pain and didnt break anything but about a week later I started having minor neck,shoulder,back pain so went to doc got mri found out I had a c5 bulge so was sent to a neurologist who then told me I had spinal stenosis who then sent me to a neurosurgeon who ended up telling me I didnt have spinal stenosis that it was just a bulging disk.So he offered to give me shots for the pain....
  • Lower Back Pain

    Sunday night while I was taking a shower, I saw a bunch of shimmering stars in my vision. I didn't have a headache and I don't have eye problems. They just all of a sudden appeared. The next morning, I had the same situation that lasted a bit longer, but all of a sudden I started getting severe lower back pain. The back pain is so bad that I can't walk and I feel very nauseated, almost to the point of throwing up. I am not sure exactly what is going on and all health professionals that....
  • 26 days ago

    New extreme pain.

    So today I got into my car and had a sharp killer pain hit the middle of my spine had to get up and head back to the house to put some cream on it but as I was walkingto the house I got a crazy killer pain in my lower right rib cage. I sorta rushed inside to my room and just got on the bed The pain had me lying on my stomach for 20 mins and couldn't move. Can anyone shed some light on the pain. And if there is anything like stretches or exercises to help. I'm going to the hospital at some....
  • 27 days ago

    Post- Laminectomy

    Hi , 7 weeks ago my Mom went for a Laminectomy in L5/S1 and L3/L4. She had severe muscle spasms but some of the leg pain started to disapate. 4 weeks post-op she had to get her appendix taken out as she developed appendicitis . She is now 7 weeks post-op for the Laminectomy and still has sever back muscle spasms almost disabilitating. She is becoming depressed from lying in bed all day but does still walk regularly and does he Physio exercises. I would just like to get some kind of answers on to....
  • 1 month ago

    Chronic Pain

    I've got Chronic Back and Neck nerve pain for over four years now and am worried as my fingers esp my knuckles are starting to cause me an issue and hurt alot! Wondered what the best alternative pain relievers there was out there?