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  • 6 days ago

    Talus fracture injury

    This past summer my 23 yr old fell, fracturing her talus bone and required surgery. Now, months later, she is still dealing with swelling and severe pain. She has been to docs numerous times due to pain. They say it has to heal, needs time, nothing they can do. She is trying to work and has no choice but to walk with this injury. I am looking for a good (and less pricey) foot support or brace of some kind that my help with her still being on her feet while it is healing. Also any home treatments....
  • 6 days ago

    I wanted to ask everyone who is on pain management, is 20mg of hydrocodone IR, better than 4mg dilauded, both every 4hrs?

    These medications are PRNs, I am on pain management with 30mg ER morophine 3x's per day and a muscle relaxer. After 3 years the morophine doesn't work like it used to. I'm still in a substantial amount of pain at times. I'm asking everyone who has been through something similar to my situation, any and all responses I am grateful for. Thank you.
  • 6 days ago

    Chest Pain/Cramp and Something Bulging?

    Okay so yesterday I’m staying over at my parents place and I’m trying to read the wifi code on their router. It’s on the floor and the only way I can read it is by sitting and lowering my head way, way down. Well while doing this, when my head was at the lowest it could go I suddenly feel this major cramping-like pain around my chest so I slowly move my head up and sit back up. When I looked down I was shocked to see something under my chest bulging out. The severe pain lasted less than a minute....
  • 6 days ago

    Shoulder blade to elbow pain

    So a really sharp pain started in my right shoulder blade out of nowhere, then I started feeling this pain down the back of my arm to my elbow, the pain is like I had hit my funny bone but more intense for 2 weeks I had this, then one morning it had totally disappeared from my right shoulder blade/arm but jumped over to the left with the same problem the pain running down my left arm/elbow and pain up my neck now this one lasted around 5 days then went for 2 days and now it's back again in my....
  • 6 days ago

    Walgreen Shorting Prescriptions

    Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Walgreens has shorted my wife's & I's pain medication for the last 3 months, 10 to 15 pills. Walgreens denys this even with the pills counted in front of the pharmacist!! Came to find out from one of my nurses that the same thing is happening to her husband at a different location. People in my support are also having this issue and not only with pain medication but with their BP medication as well.
  • 8 days ago

    back pain

    Can anyone help me. I had an epidural done today for my back and leg. Before they proceeded the doctor told me he was cleaning my back with soap. I felt like little bubbles were workung,scrubbing. After it was over, my husband dressed me and made a comment on the color of my back. I was a little woozy, so after i got home i looked and my entire bottom half of my back and buttock area is green. What and why is it green? Can anyone tell me if they had this experience before? And what do u need to do....
  • 9 days ago


    I'm going to see a specialist tomorrow to get a diagnosis, but I think sciatica is what I have. I've tried back exercizes, prednisone, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naprocin, lyrica, gabapenton. I hope there's something to relieve the pain, because it's getting harder and harder to make it through the work day. The only thing that helps now is to lie flat. I come home & go straight to bed. I can't take walks in the woods or even stand up in the kitchen & cook, let alone clean....
  • 9 days ago

    Fentanyl Withdrawal

    Does anyone have any experience with Fentanyl withdrawal? I have been tapered down, yet the body pain is remaining after 2 weeks. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. The surgeons & my doctor want me off of the fentanyl for the surgery and my recover from a major shoulder revision. Does the fact that fentanyl is going be used during the surgery really a factor?
  • 9 days ago


    I do not abuse but take Hydrocodone regularly for my back and migraines but in the last 5 days I have taken 3 to 4 tiny tiny pieces of Suboxone and a have to be tested on Monday and I'm wondering if they Suboxone will show up in my urine drug test
  • Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition

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