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  • 4 days ago

    feel on ice and twisted knee. Still have pain, mainly when getting up from chair.

    about a month ago I fell on the ice. My left leg went behind my right leg and my knee got twisted. Went to the ER and got a XRay done. No damage as far as it could tell. I am still having problems with walking and have a brace on it every day. I can really feel the pain if my knee bends to the side. I work on a computer every day, and every time I get up from a sitting position, its like my muscles need to straighten out because after i stand, it takes about 20 seconds for my knee to straighten out....
  • 4 days ago

    Horrible low back pain normal mri

    Slipped & hell hitting my bottom hard first then head while pulling something. I want to trust the “normal” reading but it doesn’t make sense with my pain. It’s in one spot on the left of my spine just above my buttocks. It’s about a 9-10 when I bend even the slightest bit forward. Also has pains/numbness frequently in left buttock down my leg to my foot. *seeking second opinion soon & wanting an upward mri or one where my legs aren’t elevated on a pillow. Please let me know your opinions....

  • 10 days ago

    Fentanyl Withdrawal

    Does anyone have any experience with Fentanyl withdrawal? I have been tapered down, yet the body pain is remaining after 2 weeks. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. The surgeons & my doctor want me off of the fentanyl for the surgery and my recover from a major shoulder revision. Does the fact that fentanyl is going be used during the surgery really a factor?
  • 10 days ago

    chronically sickly

    I almost never do things like this. I respect my doctors and other medical professionals immensely, but I am genuinely desperate. In October (about 5 months ago) I visited my PCP after feeling sickly for weeks on end. I had been having low-grade fevers on a daily basis, joint pain and general aches, and fatigue so bad I would sleep for 16 hours. My blood work came back with normal CBC, but positive for mono. I was given prednisone (which did nothing) and told I would feel better in a week or two....
  • 11 days ago

    Male Urethra Pain, Random Occurrence

    Hi, I am a 32 year old man. for about a week I have been having this pain in my urethra about 1/2 inch or more in from the opening. It happens randomly or sometimes when I squeeze the shaft but not usually when I urinate. I have not had sex in about 4 years so I don't believe it could be an STD. The fact that is random is unusual and I cannot find anyone reporting this anywhere else. Is it possible I have an internal issue and the pain just "seems" to be in the urethra but my brain....
  • 11 days ago

    Chronic UTIs

    This might be the wrong message board. But here it is. I've had UTIs since I was a little kid. It used to happen once or twice a year, but now it's all the time. In the last few months I've been to the doctor three times. I've done three rounds of antibiotics. They didn't help. I take cranberry pills three times a day and pain killers to help me sleep at night. I've come to accept that I'm always going to have abdominal pain. It is always going to hurt to pee. Recently....
  • 12 days ago

    Excruciating back Pain Mri reads normal

    I was injured at my job. I have 3 injuries total however I will only be asking about lower back. I slipped and fell backwards pulling a pallet full of merchandise. I have pains that are right above my buttocks when i bend slightly or bend my back at all. The pains are about a 5 when not moving but sometimes i have episodes in my lower back ( if i had to make an educated guess I'd say L2-L5 somewhere in there on the left side of my spinal cord) The pains get to a 10 if i do the following: sittting....
  • 12 days ago


    I have had edema w/ pitting in my legs from the knees to my toes, worse in my right let. Also, edema in my fingers. In addition, I have sciatica flare ups, and a lot of leg weakness and pain. This has been going on since September. I have gone through extensive blood work, and have been told everything has came back normal. My pcp sent me for a Cat Scan of my Abd/Pel and that came back normal as well. I saw a cardiologist, who did an ECHO/EKG/Venous Duplex Ultrasound of my legs, and said that everything....
  • 13 days ago

    Do cortisone injections cause the same fluid retention side effects as oral steroids?

    Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5'8" Weight: 165lbs I have tendonitis in my middle knuckle/MCP from a previous injury that seems to have healed but is being very slow to reduce in tenderness/inflammation. My PCP currently has me on a short (1 week) oral steroid cycle (methylprednisolone 4mg) alongside topical anti-inflammatory gel (diclofenac) to reduce the swelling and reevaluate later but, if inflammation returns post-cycle, a cortisone injection into that tendon is apparently the next option....
  • 14 days ago

    High sprain

    Someone please tell me if what I'm experiencing is normal before I lose my mind. Almost 6 weeks ago, I fell on a patch of ice outside my work and sprained my ankle. I went to a doctor and got X rays done. The doctor called me the next morning and essentially just told me it wasn't a break. I spent 2.5 weeks resting, icing, elevating, wrapping. It was getting better, but I scheduled with an orthopedic specialist to see when she thought I could return to cardio - I work out regularly and running....