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  • 2 days ago

    Sports Injuries- PT needed?? What could it be?

    I play competitive field hockey (for school and club) and have recently started running. In the early fall I tweaked my hamstring and it is not 100% yet. The pain is centralized to right above my knee, high up, and a single spot in my lower thigh. What could this be? I was told by a trainer to consider PT because it seems to be chronic but I really don’t know. Also, I have pain and visable minor swelling in my shins after a race. The pain increase when putting pressure on the right ball of my right....
  • 2 days ago

    Pain in left pubic area.

    For about three months i have been experiencing pain in the front and lower left side of my pubic area also right next to it where my leg starts. I went to a gyno and she said she didnt feel anything or think it was related to my lady parts but maybe my pelvic bone or something. I have no insurance right now and going to my local clinic isnt my first choice as i usually end up with a mis diagnosis, or no answers and random extra charges when i go there. Its not a sharp pain, more feels like i got....
  • 3 days ago

    Chronic Pain

    I've been on hydrocodone 5-325 for 8 yrs due to a back injury. I was hit head-on by a texting driver awhile back & still on the same medicine. I was broken up pretty bad. I broke my nose, a bone in my neck, all my ribs, my hip & bones sticking out my lower part of my leg & anckle. They haven't changed my medicine & I've been in a lot of pain since leaving the hospital. I don't why, I'm taking the same pain medicine I've been taking all these yrs. Please help....
  • Pain in neck veins

    Don't really have any place to put this since it's not chronic pain, but hey, maybe it could be someday. Long story short, I got in a fight with some guy and, among other things, got choked out bad for a while. I didn't faint or anything though, but it was definitely long enough that I could've. I think he just didn't have the right hold for it. Anyways, I'm pretty much fine, bruises here and there, but obviously my neck's bothering me. It's been a couple days and....
  • 4 days ago

    Chronic Pain Nightmare

    I'm in need of some insight, thoughts, ideas or pretty much anything at this point. I can't take it anymore. I'm an Expat living in Japan. We have socialized health care, so I can go to a wide range of clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals for a hell of a lot lower price than if I were back in the States. But I feel like the service is terrible and the doctors more-a-less make me feel like they just want you to keep coming back for months and months, rather than fix the problem as quickly....
  • 4 days ago

    Constant pain in different areas but connected bones

    My spine all over, mainly my lower back part had been bothering me for 5+ years. Slowly becoming more of a pain over the years. I turn 30 last summer, so my back pain has now gone to my left leg and foot. My last 3 left toes went numb for and two months thos went on, now my left big toe feels jammed. I have tugged n pulled on it. Still hurts and hurts to walk on it. I have to be on my feet 9hours a day non stop moving and lifting. I am stretching all through out the day so i won't cramp and eat....
  • 6 days ago

    Is it safe to take 2 vicodin at once? 5mg hydrocodone 325mg acetaminophen

    The pain of a recent operation was too much so I took 2 Vicodin at once (recommended dose was 1 every 6 hours) The total dosage was 10mg hydrocodone and 650mg acetaminophen.
  • 6 days ago

    Rib pain

    Just finished my chemo treatments after 6 months and is it possible that it can inflame the muscles or something else on the bottom of the rib cage pain is pretty bad
  • 8 days ago

    Serious Leg Pain

    I'm 17 and I like to be active and move a lot and as of lately I've been dealing with what i thought was a pinched nerve in my leg upper towards my hip, but as of lately the pain has gotten worse and when I move or walk for 10-15min if I don't put pressure on my left leg it goes numb with serious pain and on a scale its a 9 outta 10. At first it hurt after i played basketball for a couple hours or moved all day and finally sat down. When it does hurt if i sit and try to move it, just....
  • 8 days ago

    I feel Abandoned & Stigmatized now

    I have 3 pain conditions that cannot be fixed. Kyphosis which causes me upper back pain/ DDD L5/S1 with a herniation to the right/polyneuropathy in both legs.......ON SSDI since 2003 for chronic pain. (You need real solid documentation from doctors to get that). After 20 years on long-acting narcotics, last January 2017, my prescription insurance changed, and my copay went from $1.50 a script to $100 per script. At that time, I was one Opana ER and Opana IR. I felt I needed to choose one or the other....