• 5 months ago

    Problems with 5G and Medical Implants???

    Does anyone know if medical implants, especially the new back pain implanted nerve simulator, have been checked against 5G radiation. As you may or may not know, 5G towers are spaced at a maximum of 500ft. and can be as close as 200ft. They emit mass amounts of high frequency radiation, supposedly not harmful to humans, even though it is used as a weapon by the military and for crowd control by the authorities.
    Houses have caught fire when it was turned on near ones with more than one router in them.

    Having earned a degree in biochemistry back in the dark ages, I am well aware of the effects of magnetic fields on current flow and voltage in the human body. Having a cathode and an anode in the middle of my back and getting near one of these antenna, would not be a situation which I would like to be exposed to without the assurance that I was not the first test subject to undergo this experiment. Not like industry or the government would experiment on the population with notifying them in advance of doing such.

    Hope someone looks into this before the 5G system goes live next year nationwide.