• 5 months ago

    Really bad lower back pain that doesn't subside at all

    Hi, I have been having a really bad lower back for almost a month now. It started when I was on a 12 hour / day project from the past two months (which just ended last week). I still have the back pain though, and it seems like it has got worse.

    I am a 35 year old female. I have been to a couple of physiotherapy sessions, but it didn't help at all. I am in agony, and this pain doesn't seem to subside. I can't be on painkillers all the time. I am also deficient in Vitamin D; maybe that's contributing to this as well? I have started doing some exercises as well - Hollow Body Holds, Stomach Vacuums, L-Sits etc, and it helps a bit.

    But I want to get rid of this pain altogether. It is very disabling. I am also going to get myself a recliner for back pain. It really is that bad. I honestly hope someone can help me out here. It's so bad that I am going for an expensive recliner for back pain now. Would fixing my Vitamin D deficiency help reduce the pain?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Really bad lower back pain that doesn't subside at all

    Sorry for the pain you are suffering with.
    I know it all too well!!! 3 major back surgeries. The V-D might help with keeping your spirits up a little, but for the pain I think you need to see a neurosurgeon and have some x-rays and MRI taken to find the cause of all your pain. It will even be hard to have pain meds prescribed without being evaluated first. I hope you find relief!!
      • 5 months ago
        Thanks Baldino, I have a scheduled appointment with the neurosurgeon next week; just hoping that I find something soon that helps with the pain/issue. I hope everything is well with you too now.