• 20 days ago

    level cervical spine fusion.... a year of hell!

    I have been told one of the levels completely didn't fuse. And directly under the failed fusion is another disc that has nothing left. I've been through 4.5 months of P.T . BONE GROWTH STIMULATOR. Daily walks and stretching exercises. Vitamin D plus calcium. No smoking.. tenz unit.. lidocaine patches.. I cannot drive,,I cannot take myself anywhere..I cannot sit up straight have to be slightly reclined always with ice cold pack. Weakness in arms mostly right side ,,and I'm right handed. Yesterday a pain Dr said I probably should get another opinion on my non healed fusion. I explained I have started seeing a different surgeon. The one who did my surgery I have not seen since I was wheeled into o.r. He never checked on me the entire time I was in the hospital. No one from his surgical care team did. I was discharged from the hospital by the nurses. All of my post ops were with a PA.. even when it became clear that it didn't seem to be going well,,, he never showed up. I switched surgeons close to the year marker. He is great. He says its bad and I need to let it be for now. I have lost most of my voice from surgery,, my ability to eat and swallow has been compromised,,I have to avoid quite a few things or it literally gets stuck because if Berger damage. And he said everytime there is a surgery pertaining to the cervical spine they will go 8n the same place,, risking more damage and scar tissue and he wants to wait and in the future go in and do all at once not multiple times. He said no way at my age would he do this ...he said this surgery was a boneheaded decision on the other surgeons part.
    The surgeon who did it.. used only hardware and metal. No doner bone, none of my own.. nothing!! I now know that's ridiculous.
    I've been told along with medicine I need to try warm pool therapy. I dont know what that is or how to find it. I live in a small town and I'm not able to drive..I have to hope something is n.v ear me. All my surgical appointments are in a neighboring state. Anyone familiar with the warm pool therapy?