• 6 months ago

    Anyone have any ideas

    I have attempted to discuss my concerns with my doctor about my issues with pain with no success I am just met with a brick wall. I have been on the same dose for over a decade. I used to be active walking over to a local park until recently due to the pain becoming so great that I have now been left to being a prisoner in my home. I have requested a prn for flare ups, physical therapy and a referral to pain management all my request go unheard. I am so upset at this point I have never had an addiction issue in my life I have always been active at this point I feel I am just another billing number painfully waiting for the coroner to show up. I understand the issues in the world today what I do not understand is why do chronic pain patients have to pay the price? Drug addicts seem to continue getting what they need that's proven every day another thing proven chronic pain patient are choosing suicide as our option because doctor's are withholding treatment we so valuably need we did not choose to be disabled. The lack of treatment is nothing but cruel and abusive and violates your oath to do no harm.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Anyone have any ideas

    Me too. Pain meds for just over 10yrs. Fortunately I have a very good PC doc who understands my pain and suffering.
    He referred me to a very good PM doc who is also a very compassionate man and assistant. You need to find a good doc who will look out for your wellbeing.
    It will make all the difference in your life.
    I still suffer with awful, but u can only take so many meds. They help just enough to allow me to do some things and get out. Wishing you the best. Hang in there and find that new doc!!!