• over 2 years ago

    Internal burns from MRI

    I had an MRI in April. I went in for MRI scan on my back fusion. While I was having it my back started to feel hot by my fusion. Then I started to feel cramping in my abdomen. Finally I said something about the pain to them and they stopped. They said that was it, they couldn't go any farther and sent me home. The cramping would not stop. After an hour at home I started vaginal discharge and bleeding. I called the clinic, they said to come right in. They gave me a pelvic. They said there is no infection. I said I know that. I said the MRI did something to my insides. To make a long story shorter, I am still having the cramping in my abdomen. Every day, its like very bad menstrual cramps


  • 26 days ago

    RE: Internal burns from MRI

    Hi there, I’m curious if you are still experiencing problems from that MRI? I had a two hour long MRI (split into two sessions during the time I was in the unit). I have had internal pain and burning since (MRI was 6 days ago)..and seems to only be getting worse. Getting worried. The doctor that prescribed the MRI is out of town for another week. I hope you’ve fully healed..and if so, how long till you felt better?
  • 18 days ago

    RE: Internal burns from MRI

    It SOUNDS like you had metallic implants (surgical stabilization instrumentation) from your back surgery. The MRI facility SHOULD have asked you about "any metal in your body." If they didn't, they were (likely) negligent. Hopefully your internal condition will resolve (you should see a family doctor or GYN). If not, you may have legal recourse vs. the MRI facility. = B. Reis, D.C.