• 2 months ago

    What is causing my chest, neck, and back pain?

    I've been struggling to find what is causing pain in these areas for the past 3 years. I've been to several doctors and appointments and they can't find what is causing it. My second to last doctor said that I had a slight scoliosis and that is what is causing the pain. He told me to do swimming and prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers. The effects wore off after 2 weeks of using them. My current doctor says that my current antistreptolysin o levels are causing it. So he has me taking penicillin shot every 3 weeks for 6 months. So far I've completed 3 months but I feel the same. I've had blood test, urine test, x-rays on my hip, neck, and spine all come out alright. Arthritis test came back negative. My thyroid hormone levels, neck and heart ultrasound also came back good. Sometimes the pain seems like moves. For example if I'm standing up and I try to reach my feet with my legs straight some of that pain moves towards my chest and stays there until I do another stretch.

    Now my guess is that there is something unbalanced in my body. Prior to this pain I was using my laptop in bed for hours in this position. https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/relaxed-casual-fashion-man-lying-260nw-208848883.jpg

    I've tried explaining that to the doctors but they try to find something else.

    If I squeeze under my ribs sometimes I feel a bit of temporary relief. I've done some stretches in the past where I've found relief for 1 day but trying those stretches again don't provide the same relief. For example once I carried a big of groceries on the opposite hand and I had found complete relief for a couple of hours. I wasn't able to replicate it again. I tried psoas stretches and that initially worked but it no longer work now. Also tried the stretch where you hold on to your chair with one hand and pull towards the opposite direction and that worked out for a day.