• 6 days ago

    Degenerative Disc Disease/Treatment, Pain Relief

    Hello all, just joined these forums. I am 59 year old male and recently been diagnosed with DDD. I first noticed it about 1 yr 5 months ago, started as a small annoying feeling in lower back and has gotten progressively worse. Now the pain affects my back, side and front. Did PT twice which only seemed to aggravate it, used to be a big walker, now I don't do much of anything but the discomfort just increases.

    No Meds beside some herbal stuff. My MD performed a nerve block injection "test" (which alleviates the pain for 4-5 hours). This looked promising but now I need to wait for the Healthcare machine to grind until my next appointment, then a 14 day test, then the actual permanent injections. While I'm waiting my mobility is getting worse and worse. Have anybody found things that actual work for the pain? I'll be a cripple by the time they get to the injections with all the approvals, waits etc. involved.