• 6 months ago

    unusual back pain - informal survey

    If you recently started having back pain that is unusual for you in type or duration, did you have the flu or a flu-like illness before the onset of pain?

    I had a flu-like illness in February (that I may have picked up while visiting a hospital) and immediately after recovery, I had lower back spasms that lasted for about 3 weeks. I have had a couple of instances since the 3 week episode where I had a sudden very painful stitch in the side rib area that seemed to migrate around to the back. Now, I'm noticing a pain to the immediate right of my spine that comes and goes and that I perceive not as an area or spot of pain, but a 6 to 8 inch vertical length of burning pain.

    I also gave my illness to a friend, and about 3 weeks ago, he began experiencing the vertical, along the spine pain, and some muscle spasming and is still suffering.

    I'm really wondering if there is a connection between the illness and the subsequent back issues and if other people who have had a flu-like illness recently are being affected in this way too.

    I've tried looking at web search trends to see if there had been an unusual uptick in back pain searches, but it's hard to tell.