• 2 months ago

    MRI reading.

    I need help with figuring out what my MRI report says.
    CLINICAL INDICATION: Lumbar pain, left-sided radiculopathy for two years.
    TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multisequence MR imaging of the lumbar spine without contrast.
    FINDINGS: Disc desiccation. Mild intervertebral disc space narrowing L4-5 and L5-S1. There is 3 mm retrolisthesis L5 on S1. No compression deformity. Paraspinal soft tissues are grossly unremarkable. A retroverted uterus is incidentally noted. Conus medullaris is identified at the L1 vertebral body level with orderly descent of the cauda equina.
    L1-2: No stenosis.
    L2-3: No stenosis.
    L3-4: Shallow disc bulge. No significant stenosis.
    L4-5: Dorsal annular tear with broad-based disc protrusion that effaces the anterior thecal sac. No significant neural foraminal narrowing.
    L5-S1: Left paracentral disc protrusion likely impinges on the descending nerve roots (series 8, image 3) and measures approximately 17 x 6 mm in transverse dimension and extends 14 mm craniocaudal. Moderate neural foraminal narrowing on the right, mild on the left.
    1.Disc protrusions L4-5 and L5-S1 with relative central stenosis, likely impingement on the descending nerve roots at L5-S1, left paracentral.

    This says 17 x 6 mm in transverse dimension and extends 14 mm.... is this big? They scheduled me for surgery and I'm freaking out. I did cortisone shots which helped my back and left me with electricity feeling sciatica pain!