• 7 days ago

    Life Devastation

    My life has been nearly completely destroyed due to the government bullying legitimate pain patients. I was cut to less than half of my meds in one month & completely off the next. I have RSD of the right arm and I have been taking medication for about 10 to 12 years. I’ve remained on the same dosage amount for that time because I am young and I knew that there would be a time when I may need a higher dosage. I have never had any dirty urine test or any issues with my doctor but when all of this went down myself among many many others are the ones who have suffered. I immediately started taking any kind of substance that I could to try to treat my out-of-control pain and severe withdrawal symptoms. I had never done any illicit drug before that time and had never even smoked marijuana. Now I am going to a psychiatrist because I became suicidal and kept myself locked in my home for weeks on end without even opening the door or answering my phone. I also am now in a suboxone clinic which is a waste of my time and money because it does not treat the pain. So where do we turn now? If the government would have been honest in their so-called research into the “opioid epidemic” the findings would have shown that the issue this country has is with methamphetamine, heroin and other illegal drugs. In all honesty I believe the government wanted people to be required to go to their federally mandated Suboxone clinics and what they have done to legitimate patients is nothing less than governmental genocide. My rights as a United States citizen have been demolished. I foolishly assumed that I had the rights of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. ALL of that has been taken from me. I have thoughts of suicide nearly everyday.