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    Health wearables in the healthcare industry can help to modernize Americans monitoring their health on a routine basis. In the pass being able to monitor your help you would have to be hook up to some sort of machine to be monitored by your physician. With the improvements in technology there is a way to make this a simpler process. “This data can be analyzed by sophisticated algorithms to drive long-term diagnosis and support. Partnering with Google, health wearables company Fitbit is exploring the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions. Its acquisition of HIPAA-compliant health platform, Twine Health has seen the business enhance its clinical services by bringing on board a coaching platform, empowering people to seek better health outcomes (Sturman, C.)”. The most common wearables at this time are fitbit, Garmin, and even Apple watch. These standard wearables can help an individual track their steps, heart rates, and sleep schedules. Wearables has also been reported to have been used by physicians and nurses in hospitals to help in keep track of patient vitals to reduce the amount of time needed to gather health data. “The next generation of Apple Watches will reportedly feature glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. Another company called MC10 has created wearable patches for ECG recording and cardiac monitoring. It has also collaborated with L’Oreal to design the first-ever skin sensor that detects UVA and UVB exposure. Wearable devices not only help people keep track of their health, but also make it a fun experience gaining insight into their daily health and exercise levels (Mesh, J.)”. Wearables in the healthcare industry is bringing a much-needed easy process to monitoring patient health. Employers are even encouraging employees to use this as it can add a health savings. It is not often in which healthcare can be made simple but this is one of those rare innovations that people will be thanking the innovator for years to come.

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