• 9 days ago

    Right abdominal pain - has anyone experienced similar?

    Hi all. For several years I have experienced recurring pain in my lower right side. When it starts to flare up, it feels like a muscle cramp that makes it hurt to breathe and move in certain directions. It does hurt when I press the area.

    In the past, this pain would happen randomly, perhaps once every few months. I would be sitting and try to stand and feel the tug and pain. It would typically go away within 30 minutes to an hour.

    Recently, I've noticed the pain takes longer to fade. January 1 of this year I went to the hospital because I couldn't lie down (pain so intense but only when I would attempt the sleeping position. Literally did not affect me at work when I would walk around etc, only pain upon sitting, standing up, bending over to tie my shoe, trying to lie down, and sometimes taking a deep breath). After two nights of trying to sleep upright on the couch, I caved and went to get it checked out. Doctors did an ultrasound of my ovaries (thinking it was a cyst) and abdominal region but did not notice anything. They sent me home and said it was not an emergency, prescribed me some pain killers and said it could be a small hernia.

    I'm now having a flare up again. It started this morning after breakfast. Not sure where to go from here... has anyone else experienced anything similar?