• 14 days ago

    RX not order Soma or generic Carisoprodol

    I have been a PM patient for 10 years; I am on disability due to Severe Spinal Osteoarthritis; 2 neck surgeries, ect. My Dr. has prescribed me Soma for my neck spasms for over 10 years, it’s the only muscle relaxer that works; I’ve tried many; my Pharmacy is now telling me he can’t get them and they are on BACK ORDER! My Dr. is out for Spring Break until April; I’ve called the Pharmacist and he continues to tell me the med is on BACK ORDER! I’ve never been tapered off this med and will go COLD TURKEY until next month if I can’t get it! Can I report this Pharmacist to the STATE BOARD? If his RX can’t get the meds; shouldn’t he have the RESPONSIBILITY of telling my Pain Management DR? Thanks! Any of your comments I’ll appreciate!