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    Migraine Headache Symptoms, Causes,Treatment

    Migraine Headache Symptoms, Causes,Treatment
    Migraine Headache
    It is an episodic headache, which is ussaly unilateral (on one side of head) and associated with vomiting and visual disturbance.Precipitating factors (aggravating factors) Intake of chocolate alohol contraceptive pills (tab Menses Strong lightMore common in female , runs in families, exact causes in not known
    Migraine Headache Types
    Classical migraine
    Common migraine
    Hemiplegic migraine
    Stages of Migraine:
    Prodromal stage.
    Headache stage.
     Headache SymptomsTherefore  is unilateral headache associated with vomiting and visual disturbance. But migraine headache in some patients may be bilateral and having no vomiting or visual disturbance. 
    Treatment of acute attacks:1-2 tabs of aspirin (dispirin) or paracetamole (panadol extra)Tab Gravinante or maxolan if there is vomitingTab Migril before the start of headache (in prodromal stages) can prevent headache.Prevention or long term treatement of migratraine:There are started when migraine is frequent (2 or more attacks in amonth)Tab amitripyilline (tryptinol) 1 or 2 tab at night.Tab propranolol (inderal ) 40 mg BD or TDSPizotifen (Mosegar) 1 or 2 tabs at nightSumatriptan is also usedNote: one drug is used for 5-6 months and then slowly decreased and stopped.