• 22 days ago

    Hip Flexor/ Very top of thigh/groin pop then pain and swelling

    I was warming up my hips and thighs before my basketball game with some standing hip flexor marches using a band. A few minutes into the game i made a simple extension and felt a sensation at the top of my thigh in the front where my hip is at, it felt like it was going to pop which i thought was normal. It never ended up popping but it started hurting bad as if i had cramped or had a knot in that area. From there on i could not sprint or barely run. I finished the game off some how and throughout the game i tried massaging it out and stretching it. At halftime i even used the hypervolt massage gun on the spot but nothing got better. The spot was swelled up pretty good after the game. The next day (today) i still have some pain and swelling. I have had bilateral sports hernia repairs before on October and November of 2012. I have always had tight hips and left side lower back pain. This injury was sustained on my left leg. I just recently started squatting and working out legs. I have also started doing several workouts on the hip flexor machines at my gym with pretty heavy weight. Also prior to the game i was not getting much groin pain but i was having pain above my knee which inclined me to wear a knee brace. I wore the knee brace on my left leg as well. I am able to walk today with limp and there is not any severe pain. I have been icing it and taking 2 tables of motrin every 6-8 hours. I am looking for some advice or thoughts on what this could be. I never usually workout my hip flexors before games using elastic bands i just did this time thinking it would activate the muscles. I realize now i was wrong. Any advice or thoughts would be VERY appreciated. Thank you!