• 28 days ago

    Thigh pain after THR revision

    Hello all, rather perplexed at my problem. Wondering how common this is and possible cause. My left hip replacement was revised for the second time 2 years ago now. Relief was wonderful, although the thigh pain which was present before the surgery still remained.
    Two sets of physio and finally it seemed to have gone. But only for a couple of months then it returned again. The thigh pain is sharp and radiates into the groin and lower pelvic area. It is very difficult to walk when this happens and I need to use my portable stick which folds up. Due to see my ortho consultant end of April because my right hip replacement is due for revision surgery because it is now 24 years old. My right leg still feels like my stronger leg due to the thigh pain on the left. I do have back pain also and degenerated discs although they are not deemed to be ‘too bad’ according to my consultant who won’t refer me to a neurologist.
    Has anyone else experienced this?