• 1 month ago

    What could cause sudden lower back pain and right side pelvic pain?

    A few days ago, out of nowhere I ended up with really bad lower back pain. It shoots pain to my tailbone, hips and the front of my legs. The only relief from it is to lie down. Standing, sitting or walking makes it worse. A day or two later I started getting severe pain in my right pelvic area. The pain comes and goes - can't connect it to anything that makes it come or go - and it's painful if I try to palpate the area even if it's not causing pain at that time. Years ago my gyno had said I have a cyst on my right ovary. I thought maybe that burst but from what I'm seeing online the symptoms would include a fever and/or vomiting. I have neither, just pain, and as I mentioned, the pelvic pain is not constant.