• 6 months ago

    Dislocated Patella? Is my friend lying?

    My friend has recently dislocated his patella. His mom popped it back into place, but he's still limping around. My other friend is convinced he's doing it for attention. I tried to look it up, but there's nothing online about AFTER you've popped it back into place. I think maybe he's still limping because of the pain? Could it still be causing him to limp? What do any of you guys think?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Dislocated Patella? Is my friend lying?

    I also did same thing working on a mobile crane back in 1981. Although after leg was freed from the bind the kneecap popped back into place on its own. That damaged my meniscus and I have almost constant pain with a partial limp when walking now. I had orthopedic surgery on both knees because of my career causing wear and tear.
    If he did indeed dislocate his knee there is no faking …the pain is real.